Friday, January 29, 2016

Updated: BR.TV Intermediate Bootcamp: Week 2 Day 4: I LIKED IT! Zuzka's 5 Minute AB Workout and Zuzka's Recipes

I definitely liked the workout Lisa did today - a lot. With the sandbag and the weighted vest, I can see that this would be a hard workout.
The overhead lunges, the one legged deadlifts, the around the world and speed skaters are all exercises I like and think are more strength based. Doing 4-5 rounds with heavier weight at a slower pace and saving the speed skaters as a Tabata at the end would work better - for ME. But for those HIIT junkies, this is great. I also like it as an outline for the same workout done a little differently - if that makes any sense.

I also loved Lisa's purple pants! Yep, I do love workout clothes. LOVE them. They make me feel like working out if it is a cute outfit.

(image removed per Freddy)
 I found this site lately and ordered one tank. I want to order more! So cute, right?

Well, Zuzka posted her latest 5 minute workout. A pretty typical ab workout from her. I look forward to her Cardio Shred tomorrow.
I have been liking a lot of her recipes lately. The apple donuts look super yummy. 
Typically her recipes are high in fat. HIGH in fat. I also like the looks of the broccoli dip. I would use low fat cottage cheese, and half the amount of the almonds to make it have less calories from fat. 
I also want to try the beet hummus. I was surprised to see that Zuzka used chickpeas in it at all. I don't like them, so I would use a tablespoon of Tahini instead. 
So -  I am finding that her recipes lately are easier to follow and easier to manipulate. 

Zuzka also posted a 15 min AMRAP on her FB page that looks GREAT to me. I'm not a fan of kicking, but I still like the looks of the workout. I can give you a list of the exercises, but I cannot seem to get a link from her page!  If anyone knows how to get the link, let me know please! 
Thanks to Janine who found the link!

1. Breakdance push up with knee tuck x 10 reps alternating sides 
2. Curtsy lunge side kick x 10 reps alternating sides 
3. Reverse plank flip to front kick X 10 reps alternating sides.

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