Monday, December 7, 2015

Who is Zuzka Light?

I am not sure if any of you have read the 'About Me' on Zuzka's web-site?
I just finally read it today.
It is weird. It mentions her divorce and even has a LINK to her side of the story about the divorce.
At this stage of the game, that should probably be removed and let it be water under the bridge!
She probably should update it.

It has not mention of her porn past, and I don't blame her, but it might be worth noting her story of how she picked herself up from a dark and sorted past and worked her way up in the world.
She just might not want to talk about it, and it could stir up controversy as well. Though she did work hard to pull herself out of a bad place, I do NOT think she would have gotten to where she is today without the porn industry, but that's just my opinion. I am not trying to knock her at all.

She has some more new workouts this week. I am enjoying her Black Diamond series - and mixing it with a Lifted Butt workout and a 5 min cash out is such a good little mix - IMO. I'd still rather do my heavy weights, but these are great at home workouts.

On another note, has anyone seen this pic of Lisa? HOLY ABS!!!!


  1. Oh, it is SO obvious why the part about her divorce is in there. She chose that part of her life as her "rags to riches" story. First, it lets people know she co-founded Bodyrock. Second, it makes Freddy look horrible. Third, it shows people that she pulled herself up from nothing. I can't blame her for not mentioning the porn part; the only thing that will do is make people want to search for those photos (and come on, most of us have already).

    1. It does make her look a little bit like a superhero, which is exactly what America is looking for constantly... so I guess kudos to her marketing team.

    2. Most of those old videos and photos I think have been removed, but there are still a few floating around!

    3. Hello M, is it you, Freddy? Pretty obvious.
      Good job, Gina, Freddy reads your blog on a regular basis!

  2. I agree, it's a little weird that she links her"about" page to her side of the divorce, but I am sure there are a lot of newcomers who end up hearing stuff about her past and maybe... she wanted to help them in finding out her side of the story without having to dig the internet for it. Also, she and Freddy built something big together, she is entitled to her share of credits for what Bodyrock is today. If she mentions being a part of that, she needs mention the reasons why she is not a part of it anymore... I guess that's just part of making your living on the internet.

    1. Yes, mentioning her part of BR.TV is hugely important to who she is.