Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Latest From BR.TV (and WHAT is going on with them?!?!?) and the Latest Workouts From Zuzka

So it looks like BR.TV has a couple of new things upon us.

They have their new Elevate workouts - with Lisa and Edith. They are on day 3 - which is weird to me because again it was hardly advertised and I just don't get WHY.

Here is day 2 with Edith in case you want a sample:

Watch Edith's form on burpees. Is it just me, or does anyone else see a HUGE difference in them from Lisa's form?

And Lisa posted this pic. Yes, I realize I am picking on her. And Yes, I still like her, but I definitely do not always understand her.

I don't get the meaning of this pic other than to show off her ass? Squats are also over rated for glute development. For overall strength and leg work, they are great. For glutes? Not so much. HOW can BR.TV NOT know that by now?
Regardless, Lisa does look great as always.

Looks like they also have a new series with Sean's wife Jacqui:

She looks strong as hell! And so many of the BR hosts have breast implants. I know it is popular in the fitness industry, but I prefer the natural look that Edith has. Clearly, I am not the norm though, or so many women would not be getting them.

Ok, on to Zuzka.
I am loving her upper body and abs series. I LOVE, LOVE the strength work. I LOVE IT!
What are you guys thinking about it, because it is so different from her cardio stuff. Her latest was only 14 min long, so it is certainly easy to add in some cardio and leg work to make it a longer workout. Putting one of her Black Diamond Workouts together with one of her Lifted Butt Series as well as one of her 5 min workouts would be a FANTASTIC routine - IMHO.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I prefer a more natural look, too, most especially Edith's. Her body is absolutely gorgeous and inspirational. I was actually a bit disappointed when my friend got implants recently (she's making a name for herself as a trainer as well). But she seems happy with them and that is really all that matters. I want to get mine done, as well, but do not plan on going so big (again, if that's what the person wants, they should get that, I suppose).

    The photo that Lisa posted does not inspire me, lol. It doesn't NOT inspire me, either; it just makes me roll my eyes, lol. I may still be a bit meh over her "coffee talk" as far as wanting to have her best body, and the picture that went with it --- it comes off as fishing for compliments or something and isn't attractive in a personality (in my opinion). But she's gettin' paid, so I can't hate -- just roll my eyes and do my own thing :)

    1. I agree with you Liz...I just roll my eyes too. I cannot help but find her so hypocritical with what she says in her coffee talks and then these photos that always seem show-offy to me. I know this is her job and all, but I find so much about her inauthentic and irritating.

  2. I love Zuzka. Love her youtube vids. From fake boobs to toes, she has it all. I like to stretch using her vids. She has one stretching vid. She's a much better blonde than dark hair (from Bodyrock). The girls on Bodyrock boobs are getting bigger and bigger. Fake but pretty. They make them plumpy in bra top. Very cool but distracting. Argh!