Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Does Zuzka Eat? How Does She Maintain Muscle on Such Little Food!

Here is another sample of what Zuzka eats during the course of a day:

I’m planning to do my workout in the afternoon before 4pm, unless Jesse wants to go for breakfast to a local diner, then I’ll have my bulletproof coffee, do my Power Yoga and at least a quick 5 minute workout first thing in the morning, so that I can have their delicious French Toast for breakfast :)
Breakfast -> Ham, egg and Cheese Cupcake (FM) and coffee with a splash of half & half
Lunch -> Low Carb Cauliflower Artichoke Casserole (FM)  but only out of 1/2 the amount of cauliflower because the other half will be used for dinner.
My Training -> Low Intensity Workout – Power Yoga
Snack -> apple or orange or some other fruit. I will keep it simple.

OK, maybe because her workouts are only 15 min long she does not get a hungry, but even if I did not work out at all, this would leave me starving. Maybe she doesn't have a very big appetite? It seems like an awful small amount of food - IMO. 
Even Lisa's daily meal plan is more than this. She eats 5-6 small meals a day and admits to eating about 1500 calories. I eat about 2000 a day. I probably would look better on 1500, but I hate being hungry!
I'm honestly not sure HOW she maintains her muscle mass with such little food - not a lot of protein or greens (AT ALL) in her daily plan. It actually doesn't seem healthy to me, but again that's just me. 
Again, I think Z is just a genetic freak. :) 


  1. Not much of anything there. I looked at the portion size for breakfast. Does she only eat ONE of those?! How is that even enough to eat? Not only does she infrequently eat, her portion sizes are ridiculous too. Does she drink a lot of tea or whatever to curb hunger?
    Doesn't seem healthy to me either, but again, it seems to work for her.

  2. I was going to say as much -- that possibly because her workouts are so short and intense, she is able to eat so little in comparison and make gains/stay lean and feel full (which she hopefully does). After having my workouts range from 60-90 minutes the last few weeks, I've decided to scale back to 45 minutes 5-6 days a week + some kind of bonus here and there throughout the week.... I found that for me this worked best as far as feeling satiated but not completely ravenous, and seeing results. (I also tried Lisa's routine that she posted about in that coffee talk last week and yeah, not for me. Too much going on with the HIIT Max workouts, although it was an interesting idea.)

    I guess it's about what works for the person. Hopefully she feels good doing so, because (as hopefully everyone is aware) that's way, way more important than aesthetic.

    1. I know, longer workouts do make you ravenous. I have thought about scaling back too, but I enjoy working out and like to try new exercises or do some gymnastics, so I always end up 60-75 min.

  3. Also, I'm really interested in what supplements she may take. Fitness personalities don't seem to talk much about them (at leas not Zuzka or Lisa Marie), but every now and then I see something posted on FB. Obv, supplements don't take the place of food, but they do fill in the holes.

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  5. Sometimes I think that Zuzka use hormons or smth like that. Becuse it's impossible to be so muscular and eat like a bird and train with small weights... Or maybe she's a genetic elite.. But it's weird anyway.
    In her WOs too much cardio 4 me. When I worked out with her everyday I ate about 1800-1990 kcals and my weight was 47 kg. Now I eat the same amount but I don't train with her anymore (I work out in the gym) amd my weight is 50 kg. And my body shape is bettter than ever.))