Friday, December 11, 2015

A New Direction For

So have you guys been getting any emails from lately?
It looks like there new direction is to email people with daily new workouts.
Yes, you can still get them on FB, but it looks like they are really going for this lower advertised way with emailing people who are 'in the club' so to speak.
I am not sure why. There is usually a method to their madness, so time will tell.
I am also not sure how they are making money be emailing people free workouts?
Sure they still get their pay per clicks, and their affiliates, but with today's ad blockers, a lot more competition than their used to be with free online workouts, and people finding cheaper equipment, I am not sure where the bulk of their sales comes in.
BR Plus members are still there, but there has been NO promotion for that at all lately. Actually no promotion for much of anything lately. I've gotten a couple of BR Plus updates with yoga workouts. They are with a girl named Rebecca - who I have never seen before, not with the other yoga girl they used - Deanna.
I did see a post somewhere that the folks from BR were traveling to shoot another series, so I guess that's good news.

Here is an email that they sent me:

Hi Gina,

Here at BodyRock we are constantly striving to improve our free service and make sure we are delivering what BodyRockers really want!

To make that easier, we now allow you to tell us what you want to receive by email.

We're already delivering a free real time workout by email every single day to those who have told us they want to receive them.

We have great content on food, health, style, lifestyle and so much more. Let us know what interests you!

All you have to do is click the link below to update your profile and tell us whatYOU are interested in. That way we know what to send you and what to not bother you with.

Sound good? Let us know by updating your BodyRock profile below!

What do you guys think of this? Where is it headed?

I miss the good ole days where I would get excited to see what new workouts they would be posting for us up on their web-site. But everyone's gotta make a living. I see more and more online workouts from random sources - free and not free, so I think the competition is higher and more intense than it used to be.
BR.TV is an originator and has a solid following, so perhaps taking a back seat is the way to go for now.


  1. Emails are so old school!! I don't understand why they are doing that but it must be related to adds and money they can get by building their audience.

    What do you think of the Daily hiit show with Jacqui? I can't stand her voice :-( but I always look for the new workout on Youtube. I didn't signed up for the email but the videos are always on YT either.

    It seems to me that they want to rebuild their YT audience and increase their Youtube videos views. Compared to Zuzana old days, their videos only get 4000 views in average while Z can get millions of views. Even today, the Zuzka Light youtube channel get more views (if we compare single videos - not the total views)

    1. I can't stand Jacqui's voice, either! I haven't found her workouts that inspiring yet but might watch a couple tonight.

  2. I am quite sure that BR is selling the email addresses. There are many ways to increase revenues by having people sign up for newsletters, special content, etc. This is just one way they are making more money. It is so obvious and so fitting to what their entire business strategy has been.
    Freddy always talks about how hard he works and how far he has come, but it to me it seems that BR has absolutely no direction or business plan, their structure and content changes all the time (as do the hosts). Curious where this is all going. I am just glad that Zuzka is genuinely doing well, creating interesting workouts, publishing a book, etc....way ahead of the competition in her one-woman show :-)

    1. I signed up for the new workout the other day and my email has been flooded with spam emails and my email was hijacked and spam was sent to my friends. This just happened and the only thing I have done differently was sign up with BR. So I'm sure they are selling our emails, which pisses me off.

  3. Emails are easy to get lost, too - I mean, yeah, it's going right to your inbox, but I don't look for BR's emails, or any email, really. They would do better to improve their reach via social media, which has been so disorganized lately. I agree with you, Gina; I miss the days (long ago) when I would check their website and there would be a new workout for me to do. It's no longer exciting.

    Plus, I'm a bit disenchanted since I know that the kind of body they advertise cannot be achieved by ~the regular Jane or John Doe who already works out and wants a challenge. I guess it's good in a way that I feel like I've been "kicked out" of their target audience, because I've got more knowledge and am seeking more, as well. At the same time, knowing that I can't achieve that aesthetic based on their workouts gives me the sads. Oh well. :)