Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Intermediate Workouts Are Coming From BR.TV and Does Zuzka EVER Workout At A Gym?

Not sure if you guys saw this or not, but looks like there is intermediate workouts coming from BR.TV.
Again, you need to sign up to get these workouts. And again not sure why they are going this direction.
One of my readers said they might be selling their email list to others to make money? I do not know that for sure, but an interesting thought.
I do like that Lisa and Edith are pairing up again.
And look at the difference between their bodies. Both of them have gorgeous bodies!!! But Edith has more muscle. Lisa admits to doing mostly HIIT, and Edith admits to doing mostly heavy weights - hence the difference in the amount of muscle. If Lisa didn't have her 6 pack, she wouldn't look that muscular - IMO.

Looks like they will be offering nutritional support and burn out videos with this one, and I wonder what part will be free and what part will be an extra cost.
I also wonder if these will be 12 min workouts?

I have been enjoying Zuzka's workouts for the most part lately. I like that they are more strength based. What have you guys thought about her upper body series?
I noticed this picture though. Doesn't it look like it was taken in a gym? And maybe just for the photo shoot, but still, she swears she never sets foot in a gym?

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  1. Well, obviously it´s the Lorna Jane shooting, so maybe she can not be like "I´m not stepping to the gym because it´s against my belief system". =D