Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The DailyHIIT Show VS. Bodyrock.TV Elevate and BR.TV is Deleting Comments?

The DailyHIIT Show VS. Bodyrock.TV Elevate - does anyone know the difference in this? I see that the Dailyhiit has workouts with Jacqui, while BR.TV Elevate is with Lisa and Edith.

I don't get it? They are running at the same time. You can watch these via FB or get them emailed to you. I don't get that either. I have had a couple of you say that you have gotten significantly more spam since signing up and therefore BR.TV is most likely selling the email addresses to make money. I cannot confirm that.

Now we all know that BR.TV deletes comments. I am sure that Zuzka does too. I get that some comments DO need to be deleted. However, being in the public eye, sometimes you just have to let it go. It is part of being a celebrity. There was a comment last night under Lisa's coffee talk that I can't find today.
Someone posted a pic of a woman with 5 needles in her face getting work done and it cracked me up. Lisa has been pretty forth coming about her plastic surgery, and come on, who is she fooling - you   can TELL. Anyways, there was no comment, just a pic. I don't see if there today. someone else wrote 'nice rack' and that was deleted too. I can see that being deleted as well as some of the others, but leaving the negative with the positive makes them seem more real - to me.


  1. We don't sell our email list data. Also, why are you taking pleasure from someone hating on Lisa?

    1. I've gotten a couple of comments from people who thought you did sell your email list. Glad to hear you do not. I will post that so folks know. I thought the pic that was deleted was funny. There were NO comments with the pic and BR overuses the term hate. Tease, make fun of, disagree is certainly going to happen on your site. I can laugh at myself, and I'm sure Lisa can too. She is a big girl. Lots of people like or dislike Lisa. She is in the public eye. You have to expect that. I have said plenty of times how much I like Lisa. She needs a thick skin to do what she does and she does it well. Freddy already ripped me a new one on this post. I will do a new one with apologies.