Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BR.TV does NOT sell their email lists

I have gotten a message from Freddy as well as another member from BR.TV stating that they do NOT in fact sell their email lists.
I know a few of you stated that you thought they did, but I heard from the big man himself that they don't.

Also, Freddy and this other person (Anonymous) both wanted to know why I was hating on Lisa.
I had made a mention about comments being deleted including one that had a pic of 5 needles on some woman's face - and I thought it was funny.
I guess I hurt some feelings. I think I pissed Freddy off. I din't think it was funny that the person was making fun of Lisa, but I did think it was funny that they chose that pic to post. Lisa is a big girl in the lime light. I think she can handle it.

Besides, I have said on several occasions that I LIKE Lisa! I don't always think she is the best role model for helping others to improve their body image when she has gone under the knife and injections to improve her own. I think it sends a double message or at least a confused one. Harp on me all you want, but it is just MY opinion - which I am entitled to. Freddy's opinion of me is not exactly the greatest (he just accused me of being negative, a bully and mean spirited), but hey, that's OK. He is entitled to his opinion too.

I also think Lisa has a dynamic personality, is very motivating and helps people get off the couch - all of which I have said before and all of which are great things! Now will I get praise for saying that? Doubtful, only criticized when I say something that is perceived as negative?

That's OK. I get it.

Anyways, I am interested in seeing BR's intermediate series with Lisa and Edith. I am wondering if they will do the workouts together or separately like they are now in the Elevate series. I would love for them to do a series together.


  1. It is unfortunate how a critique is considered "hating". I can't count how many times you've stated that you like Lisa on this (your) blog. It's not like you're slandering her or telling any lies. What I think is funny is that they have said something about you mentioning that photo with needles, but not about how you say that she has incorrect form. Hmmm. I guess form doesn't matter 100 percent when looks take precedence?

    I am being a little harsh towards their "hater" jab at you; how grade school... but seriously, BR could better choose their battles. It's not your fault that Lisa's face and lips don't move sometimes (fresh after a procedure, I'd wager), and it's not anyone's fault that it's noticeable.

    BR could also better play up their subscriber game by getting more streamlined, but that's yet another critique they might form to be a negative.

    But you're right, choosing to see the negative (or in this case, spin a negative from something found to be amusing -- I wonder how many times Freddy has chuckled over something at Zuzka's or anyone else's expense?) is what a lot of people do, and honestly what all of us can be guilty of, self included. You didn't do anything wrong. Hope it doesn't derail you any.

    1. Hi Liz. I agree that BR WAYYYYYY overuses the word hate. And that just spreads hate, now doesn't it? But like I said, Freddy has a right to his opinion. Maybe he was just sticking up for his woman!!!
      It would take more than that to derail me. ;)
      Thanks for your comments as always.
      Happy Holidays to you! xo

    2. Hi? Gina!) How are you doin'?)

      What do you think about 30 day real time challenge (bodyrock) and what's your opinion about Kelsey's Weekend Warrior workouts?
      I train in the gym 5 days in a week (4 strenght workouts -- 2 upper and 2 lower body days and 1 cardio). Cardio is too boring. And I thought that I could do on of the Kelsey's workouts or maybe hiitmax (3-4 WOs) or one of the realtime time WOs. What do you think?:)

    3. Hi Lisa. They are both good workouts. 5 days a week is great. Good for you! One HIIT workout a week sounds perfect to me if it works for you. I think cardio is way too boring as well. Either of HIITMAX or Kelsey's would be fine - I would just choose something that does not overemphasize what you've already done all week. Does that make sense?
      I like Kelsey's better, but that is also a matter of opinion.

  2. That is what bugs me most about bodyrock - the inability to accept any sort of critique whatsoever. Demonstrates a lot of immaturity in my opinion.
    But anyway, I enjoy reading your take on things, Gina!
    And Liz, funny you mentioned Lisa's form. That went through my mind as well, reading this post! Atrocious form, no big deal. Make any comment re: plastic surgery and it's HATING.

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