Sunday, December 27, 2015

Edith Werbel is doing a post holiday detox!

Not sure if you guys saw this or not, but here you go!

Since it is with Edith, I bet it is great. I am interested. I just signed up via email - which is something I have yet to do with BR.TV or with Zuzka.

It is mostly nutrition info I believe. (Which is fine with me because I am on a 12 week muscle gaining program right now).

There is something about Edith's personality that is so welcoming and friendly that you cannot help but like her - IMO/

This is a challenge she says - and states that it WILL be challenging, but there is a support group that goes along with it. I am super curious about it all.


  1. I signed up for it! I really like Edith--- I also like the wording she used for the purposes of the ~detox post-holiday season. It's something a lot of people can relate to. "...a time when your felt bloated, unenergized and just plain yuck. You wanted to wash your insides out and you likely also had a number of unwanted pounds weighing you down..." I appreciate that because I feel pretty yucky right now and I do work out regularly and eat right.

    I haven't followed Edith like I used to follow, but in some interviews/features I've read, she seems to walk the walk and not be too secretive about how she gets her results. She has spoken before about lifting heavy, not doing a ton of cardio, and eating substantial amounts of the right foods, drinking enough water, etc. That and she actually has a history as a personal trainer and fitness competitor makes her come off as more credible in a lot of ways.

    Did you see that with the subscription to her mailing list came a free download of her Fitness Model Food Guide? I remember when that was initially released. Looking forward to scrolling through that, too.

    Hope you had a great holiday, Gina!

  2. I signed up and just got an email to pay $4.95?

    1. Per the link to sign up: "The program will be for sale very soon, for less than $10. Be the first to know by signing up to my email list on the home page of this site. I’ll also be listing it on my Facebook page, but my email list will get it first."

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    3. I didn't realize there was a charge either, but looks like that it the way to go these days. I think with the amount of free info on the internet and ad blockers, it's the only way to make any money.