Friday, October 9, 2015

BR.TV's Beginner Challenge With Edith IS Here. The Challenger Workout, Their BootCamp Meal Plan AND the Latest Workouts From Zuzka

So I stand corrected. BR.TV DOES have their beginner workouts available, but it looks like it is only via email? (Thanks Karoline and Zolasoleil).
It is with Edith and I saw this on Freddy's FB page. Though I do not see much else being promoted about these workouts, and I am not sure why?

I also saw this video on BR's FB page and it is a promotion for their equipment (this is promoting the Challenger - which is new, not the dip station and not the Equalizer????), but the workout looks insane! I wish there was more than just a clip of this and a whole workout. And I'm not sure who the host is?

BR also has a bunch of new clothing available as well. This is a small sample:

It looks to me like BR is taking a new angle. No more HIIT Max, but daily 12 min workouts - not real time. Then there is this Beginner workout series with Edith. Next is supposed to be an Intermediate series.

They ARE selling a meal plan with Edith's workouts:

It's weird - they have a lot going on with very little promotion. I wonder why that is?

OK, onto Zuzka. She has 2 new workouts from the last 2 days, Cardio Shred #22 and 5 Minute Workout #27. It looks like she has bought even MORE new workout clothes! She has been on a roll lately with clothes, bathing suits and sneakers.

Her Cardio Shreds are typically a bit more intense and her 5 minute workouts are usually great for cash outs, but not so much in this case. I felt they were a little less intense than usual.... anyone else?
Though her performing those exercises in a bathing suit and looking that good is mind boggling to me! She looks damn good. :) 


  1. I really dig the YOGA sweatshirt, but it is way too hot here (in West Hollywood/Los Angeles) to be wearing sweaters just yet! Eventually, though.

    I dunno; I haven't felt like Bodyrock has been up to speed with their workouts as of late that I don't really feel like monetarily supporting them.... just yet. That probably make me mean but I mean -- from Lisa's form to spotty workouts to the same old same old; I don't really feel like supporting it. But that's just me. A big ol' meanie, lol

    1. BR just doesn't seem to have the same gusto that they used to....? IMO.

  2. The begginier series is very good for beginners, I don't know why they did not advertise it more. I'm doing the beginner serie as a warm-up or cool down and I love the exercices. Because it's a email kind of thing workout, we don't see the support of the community as much as it should, IMO. I read on instagram that BR will have a 30 day yoga challenge with Deanna starting mi-nov

    1. IDK why they don't advertise it more either!

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