Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BR.TV Plus Section, Zuzka's Latest Schedule & Workouts: Arm Balance, ZWOW#12, and Lifted Butt #5

Has anyone been paying attention to the BR.TV Plus? How many of you still pay for it? I got an update yesterday with the 30 days of RTC.
BUT this was advertised the other day:

Looks like they lowered the price to $4.99? BR.TV is still posting new workouts on their FB page, but no new workouts series from them in  such a long time. Where is the beginner's one with Edith they were recently talking about? Did  I miss something?

Zuzka has a lot of new stuff out and has been pretty consistent with it lately. She is traveling home to Prague and promises she will keep us up to date with new workouts while she is away.

Her latest Lifted Butt workout looks like a killer on your legs for sure, Loving her latest arm balance workout because I LOVE practicing handstands.
The ZWOW #12 is a quick little burner of a workout as a cash out in my opinion, not as a whole workout unless you are short on time. It is leg intensive, so I find that kind of a cash out harder on leg days.
With my new work schedule I am crazed, so I might start doing some of these workouts when I am pressed for time. So far I have been able to fit everything in. I deadlifted 190 lbs the other day! Only for one rep, but I did it. :)

BR.TV posted a crazy plyo workout today. Too much jumping around. I realllllllllly wish they would do a strength series.…/bodyrock-x-day-18-plyo-sweat-work…/

Lots of stuff with the vest and promoting the vest. They have not been promoting much else lately - not equipment, workouts, eBooks, just not much. It is like they have been in hiatus for months now. I don't get it. They always seemed to be developing something new and upcoming......

I  couple of you have mentioned that with Lisa's poor form on pushups she should NOT be adding on the vest. Her form can be dead on with pushups or completely sloppy. I don't get it there either.

Anyways, Zuzka has a new Cardio Shred and 5 min workout coming our way the next couple of days. I am curious!


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  2. You missed the new begginer series with the lovely Edith! It's on since wednesday! Their advertising wasn't good... The workouts are great, I am doing them as warm-up

  3. Here is Edith's challenge :) The workouts are free (you get them in your inbox, i got day 1, just to watch it yesterday, and she really goes for RAW beginners unlike Z), the nutrition guide and journal and stuff costs a fortune like usual ;)

    Day 1 is here:

    We are now at day 3 :)

    1. Thanks guys. So the only way to get it is via email? They are not advertising it that well. I wonder why not?

    2. I think that is the only way. I havent kept much up to date on it, cause i am doing much more of my own thing. I stopped my ZGym payment as i (as usual after awhile of Zuzka) got bored with the same old, and nothing about improving, exercising rather than training etc. But yeah it seems good for beginners, and they are really going for newbies, so it should be heavily advertised since most people following bodyrock are doing Lisa's stuff and therefore way overqualified for this series