Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Stuff From Zuzka: 15 Min To Fit VLOG, Lifted Butt Series #4, Active Nation Day Workout, and is BR.TV Copying Insanity?

Zuzka has lots of new info/workouts posted on her web-site.

Last Sunday she did an Active Nation Day Workout instead of an Arm Balance Challenge:

2 rounds of the following:
Workout Breakdown
10 Minute Interval training – 40 seconds max effort and 20 seconds rest
  1. Squat jump forward / back burpee with Rockstar Jump
  2. Jump Lunge Kick up
  3. Curtsy Lunge Side Kick (alternating legs)
  4. Knee Tuck Push Up to Side Plank (alternating sides)
  5. Bicycle V-Ups (alternating sides)

She also posted a VLOG on how her new book came together. A few of us have been debating on whether or not Z actually only works out for 15 minutes a day. I have said before that I think she does more. How about you guys? 
One of my readers (thanks Lexxie) pointed out the she mentioned during one of her videos that she was now going to go and do the workout herself (after filming, doesn't that mean more than 15 min?)

starts at 4:40 Check it out! 

Z's latest Lifted Butt Series is posted as well. She has a couple more new workouts coming this week too. I like it!

2 rounds of the following:

Workout Breakdown
1. Weighted Heel Lifted Squats 20/20
2. Figure 8 squats x 20
3. Hydrants with leg extension 20/20
4. Figure 8 squats x 20
5. Skaters x 20
6. Figure 8 squats x 20
7. Side lunge knee up to curtsy lunge knee up 20/20
8. Figure 8  squats x 20
So I am not familiar with Insanity other than the infomercials, but thanks to another one of my readers (thanks Karoline), she mentioned to me that "Every single move from "Bodyrock X" with Lisa comes from Insanity Max 30."
I've never watched Insanity Max 30, so I cannot say for sure, but interesting nonetheless. Did anyone else notice the same thing? Though I do not think they use a weighted vest?
Here is the latest BR X workout:


  1. Lifted butt series is looking better! I'll definitely do a few of these.
    I'm not familiar with insanity workouts either, but that would be hilariously bad if they did copy everything from them! Yikes! Running out of ideas?!

    1. Unfortunately I noticed it too a long time ago. Even moves in hiit max series were copied terribly from Max 30, but Shanu T has a good form performing them, Lisa is always sttruggling with push ups etc.

    2. Perhaps she should perfect her form on pushups without the weighted vest. If you cannot perform an exercise properly, you shouldn't add weight to it!

    3. Yes Laura, and I have never understood how Lisa Marie has come this far with her painfully bad form. I can't believe she hasn't been called out on it more often!! That just shows you how fitness personalities are idolized for their good looks, not their ability to demonstrate/train well.

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  3. It wouldn't surprise me if that were true re: Bodyrock copying Insanity. Truth be told, that can happen with HIIT and circuit-style workouts, but if it's obvious, then that's problematic. I hope they get approached about it because that's not a good look.

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