Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Latest HIIT Workouts from Zuzka, Bodyrock.TV and Melissa Ioja, and Another New BR Host that is Sean's Fiance?

So what have you guys thought about Zuzka's 15 min Fat Burn and her 5 Min Workout?

Her 15 min workout  was all different variations of burpees:

Workout Breakdown
1. Dynamic Burpees
2. Side Crunch Burpees
3. Side Burpee Knee Tuck
4. Jump Lunge (x3) Burpee
5. Mountain Climber (x5) Burpee
6. Flying Burpee
7. Commando Jump Tuck Burpee
8. Ab Splitters Reverse Burpee
9. Donkey Kick Burpee
10. Jump Lunge (x3) Side Burpee
11. Ninja Jump Tuck Burpee
12. Dive Bomber Burpee
13. Pistol Squat Burpee alt.
14. One Arm Press Up Burpee alt.
15. Forward / back jump rock star burpee

This workout looks HARD. Though as I have said before Z's workouts as well as Lisa's are often unbalanced and over work the front of the shoulders and not the back. Too many planks and pushups.
Putting people on their arms - particularly women - typically makes for a hard workout. But SO does pullups!!! I know it is all about working out at home and not a lot of equipment for Z, but what about putting a towel around a doorknob and pulling. And didn't she just get a dip station?
I also noticed - no arm balance challenge this week?

BR.TV is just posting a lot of the same old kind of stuff, but has a new leg workout:

40 Seconds Work – No Break Until End of Round (45 Sec Break)

Exercise #1 REGULAR SQUATS OR SUMO SQUATS (use a weight plates in your hands or a bar over your shoulders with weights on it…. Make sure your toes are pointed to the corners to relieve the pressure of your knees… get a good deep squat at least 90% angle)
Exercise #2 JUMP LUNGES (or modify it with lite dumbbell minus the jumping, if your knees are in bad shape)
Exercise #3 HYDRANTS (imagine a dog peeing on the hydrant outside…lift your leg and isolate the muscle)
Exercise #4 EXPLOSION DRIVE UPS… (use weight plates or even books… Something sturdy….go as fast as you can up and down like a step up but using t=our calve and lowe abdominal to help contract that muscle.

Melissa has a webpage for her workouts for her latest challenge. There are 3 workouts up there right now:

These are super intense HIIT workouts. She is a beast!!!! I don't think I could keep up. But again, I am much more of a fan of weight lifting and yoga than HIIT. I tried doing cardio the other day - I lasted FIVE whole minutes on the Jacob's ladder machine. Good God I was bored to tears. I see people on that machine, the elliptical, treadmill, step mill, stair master for 30-60 minutes. I'd rather watch paint dry!!!!!!!

OK, I mentioned the other day that Sean is getting married. He is marrying Jacqui, who now has her own BR page as one of their hosts/trainers.
I wonder if she will become an owner like Lisa? Funny, Sean is getting married much faster than Lisa and Freddy. I haven't seen anything about those 2 in a while. 


  1. That´s a lot of burpees for sure. But this w/o should be easy comparing to Zuzka´s old BR-workout which includes 400 burpees. (Even a pull up burpee.) Never done that w/o. I mean it sounds too scary. =D

    Melissa Ioja definitely is a beast. She said on her (first?) video that she has not been training for a while and her diet has not been that good lately; I was like really, and you still look THAT good?! =D I haven´t tried any of Melissa´s workouts though. I think her workouts are a bit too jumpy (and too long with that amount of jumping) to me. But I might try something, for a change.

    I have been a fan of Melissa Bender lately. She has some tricky moves I have never done before, and my muscles are like "WHAT?", and she has also been challenging me with cardio, without the aspect that I have to be jumping all the time. =D And Melissa is such a sweetheart.

    I did my own workout yesterday. 1. 10 reps dead lift to row 2. 40 seconds reverse plank knee tuck to leg lift 3. 25 reps sumo squat to toe lift 4. 40 sec dive bomber to push up 5. 20 reps wall bridge lift with side tap (both sides) 6. 40 sec sit up with weight to pull over 7. 20 reps one leg surrender with weight and press (10/leg) 8. 40 sec front resistance band walk 9. 10 reps side lunge with one weight and bicep curl (5/side) 10. 40 sec jump rope high knees. And this is how I did it: I added one exercise each round: So, on the first round, I did only dead lift rows. But on the second round, I added the reverse plank, on the third round, the sumo squats and so on. Eventually, on the tenth round I finally did all the exercises. It was an awesome workout. Not crazy intense, but a good workout anyway. It took over an hour to complete it. =D I like to do these kind of workouts sometimes. I have been using the same "method" for only upper body or only lower body... those ones are really tough! (Just wanted to share this.) =D

    1. I meant forward band walk, not front! But you know, anyway. =D