Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lisa Is Posting Old Workouts, BR is Filming a Yoga Challenge, and Zuzka's Latest Schedule

So have any of you been scanning Lisa's FB page? She has been posting a ton of older workouts - from the 30 day Fat Loss Challenge as well as from HIIT Max. I wonder if there are any plans for a new series with her coming up at all.
I do remember reading that there would be an intermediate series with her, but nothing as of late on it.
Even with the beginner workouts with Edith, you have to be on their email list. There's little promo of it. I wonder if they are going in a new direction with this email thing. At some point I am curious to see if you will have to be a BR member to see the workouts and pay a fee. I am GUESSING, so who knows. I am sure they will always keep some workouts free, because that is their foundation.

It also looks like that BR.TV is filming new yoga challenge with Deanna:

I am super interested in what a yoga 'challenge' consists of.

Zuzka is traveling to Europe right now and is supposed to be filming workouts from there while she is away. I remember her saying this in the past and not following through all that well, but I bet this time she does. She has no one to answer to but herself, so lets see it! She has one scheduled for Friday from her trip.

Her new schedule for this week:

Workout Schedule

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