Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zuzka's 15 Minute Fat Burn Workout, BR.TV's Full Body with Lisa and Bret's Booty Burning Protocol

Zuzka posted her latest 15 min Fat Burner Workout. What did you guys think? Looks like a tough workout that I would want to do 2x through. Because of the number of push-ups/plank work, I would definitely switch up the order of the exercises to keep my shoulders from getting fatigued.
I wonder if Z does that on purpose to make the workout seem harder, OR because she bulks up easily, she is trying to build endurance instead of muscle. If you pair planks and push-ups together, you do fatigue and cannot do as many.

BR.TV posted another workout with Lisa, this time Full Body. Another one of jumping around with the vest on. But Lisa looks damn good! The legs, abs and full body routines they have posted over the last couple of days would probably string together as a great workout. I challenge BR to come up with a sweat dripping workout with jumping or the vest! LOL.

OK, I think I have posted this before, but in case you missed it, here is Bret's Booty Burning Protocol. Doing it again today and let me tell you - your arse will be on FIRE!

Bret’s Booty-Burning Protocol

Performing a hip thruster for the allotted amount of reps vs rest. Can add weight as you go along.

20 reps
45 seconds rest
15 reps
45 seconds rest
10 reps with 5 second isohold
20 seconds rest
10 reps with 30 second isohold

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