Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Latest Workouts from Zuzka (Lifted Butt), BR.TV (Legs with Lisa) and Better Booty and Abs with Rumi

Thanks to one of my readers Laura - for pointing out that Rumi's workouts are more challenging than Zuzka's and BR's if that is the direction you are looking to go in.
I like hers because I feel like they are more well rounded. Her latest is a Better Booty and Abs, and it looks pretty good! http://fitnessrum.com/  I like the elevated knee to nose ab move. Using that one this week for sure.

I think that beginners is a good place to focus business wise because these people are always looking to workout and start again, and they see the most results. For us long time followers we just need more. Even many of the hosts - including Lisa herself admit to doing more than the 12 minutes.
Kelsey (remember her?) does BR workouts every day as PART of her full workout. Sometimes she chooses two of their routines.
BR is always re-inventing themselves so I wonder if they will someday do a strength training routine. They are already offering a heavier weight set - 45 lbs, and adjustable dumbbells.
Though I actually deadlifted 185 lbs the other day, so 45 isn't gonna cut it. LOL. For single legged only would that work! But I think they can get creative with drop sets, pause sets, pulsing, single arm and single leg to give a good strength workout at home. For the cardio/HIIT junkies they can offer an additional bonus at the end of the workouts - like a Tabata high knees, or swings, and the like.
Geez, maybe I need to be a consultant for them. Ha ha. Or just do it myself.
I'll tell ya, driving around kids to 2 schools, ballet, gymnastics, swim, CCD and working 3 jobs myself, I just don't have the damn time!

But I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you are looking for more strength work, try getglutes.com

It is more expensive - it is $25 a month. Or you can pay $199 for the year so it is $16.50 a month.
Try it out for a month or two, then buy it for a year if you like it. I've been following it for 2 years. My deadlift has gone from 115 lbs to 185. My squat for 65 lbs to 135 lbs. My hip thrusters from 110 lbs to 225 lbs. My pull ups from 6 to 13. I have not improved much in push ups or shoulder presses, but I have a shoulder issue (bursa cyst) that causes pain so I don't work those as much as I would like.

So what did you guys think of Zuzka's and BR's latest routines?

Zuzka offered this:

Workout Breakdown
Part 1
1. Side Jump Lunge x 20
2. Weighted side lunge knee up / side lunge jump x20
3. weighted curtsy lunge side kick / side lunge jump x20
Part 2
1. One leg bridge alt. x 20
3. KB Squat jump x 20
x 4

Plus bonus rounds for each day throughout the week for your booty. I find this VERY interesting. So on top of her workouts, you can also do a second workout, plus the arm balance work, plus a booty bonus. Hmmmm, she is starting to get away from the short workouts? But then again who knows. She still does the 5 min ones as well as 10 min AMRAP.
BR offered this:
Complete the Following Workout 3 x Through. Increase today’s workout burn by adding your BodyRock Vest. It’s a game changer.
  1. 4 Wide Squat Jumps & 2 Diamond Jumps
  2. Side Lunge – Front & Side Lunge – L&R Alternate*
  3. Burpee Lunge*
  4. Jump Squats – ( Touch Floor on Wide Squat – Arms High on Jump In )

Lots of jumping from both parties. More weight lifting please!!!! Now I'm not bitching that much because they get people off their couches, are motivating and both offer some free stuff. So there you have it. :) 
But I would love to see a leg day with lunges, deadlifts, back extensions and band walks. OR squats, hip thrusters, swings and band walks. I personally do not like to deadlift and squat on the same day, but that's me. 
Or a booty routine with bridging, hip thrusters, curtsy lunges, and donkey kicks. 
Has anyone tried one of Bret's booty burn outs? OMG. Burn BOOTY Burn:
30 hip thrusters with feet apart
30 hip thrusters with feet together
30 seated band abductions 
Repeat 3x through. Seriously tough on the arse like no other! I use light weight on those - a 45 lb plate on my lap.
Enjoy your workouts!!!


  1. I don't mind the price of Bret's stuff. It's real quality content and programming! I haven't actually tried any of his programs yet, but just by reading and looking at program structures, I can tell it's something I really want to try! Your numbers are impressive - great gains! I've been stuck on my squat and Deadlift for a while (mostly out of laziness) and I need something to get my arse in gear.

    That BR vest drives me insane. What is it, 6 lbs extra? A bag of groceries weighs more than that! Quads and glutes are nice big muscles - hamstrings too! They can handle a load. 6lbs is insulting.. Lol. I am glad to see they're increasing their weight offering. Maybe Edith and Jacqui will influence them to try more weightlifting in the future?

    As for Zuzka, I noticed someone commented on YouTube about her kettlebell jump move possibly being hard on the lower back. I haven't checked to see if she posted a response.. Haha

    1. Did you see this from Kellie - Bret's GetGlutes Partner? It's awesome!

      I will have to do a post on it.

  2. I think I have mentioned this before, however, if you are looking for challenging workouts, go to lovingfit.com. Yes, there is HIIT stuff as well, but there are also a lot of split routines (from hell.) =D Tatianna is very sweet, genuine person. She does not post that often anymore, but when she does, it is always something really good. I have followed her about three years. I think I have done 75 % of all Tatianna´s workouts. =D

    I haven´t done a BR workout in ages. I do some Zuzka stuff now and then, but not that often, because I find her workouts to be more cardio-based. Yes, it is still challenging cardio, but I don´t always get the muscle burn I want/need. Now I mostly design workouts by myself, and sometimes, I use "ready" workouts. (Tatianna, Zuzka, Rumi, Melissa Bender etc.)

    (I have to say that I was surprised to read the comments on the previous post. You really think Zuzka´s legs are bulky?! I don´t think so at all. I think those legs are fine and very suitable to her body type,) =D

    1. Tatianna is great. I do like her. I think Z's legs look AWESOME, don't get me wrong, but they are quite muscular. Two of my scrawny thighs make up one of hers. LOL.

    2. Yes, I LOVE Tati as well! Really great source of challenging and effective workouts. I go there plenty as well, when I want to feel the muscle burn :-)

      I also don't think Zuzka's thighs are too bulky. I guess it depends on the shot. In her filmed workouts, I never think so, but in still photos, I've found them to look bigger than they do otherwise. But hey, I would not complain if I looked like her!

    3. I love how solid Zuzka's legs are... I have ~bigger thighs but they're not as solid. It's my goal to get them really freakin' solid, even if they're the same size. Genetically I just carry more weight down below (total pear-shaped). I definitely don't think Zuzka's thighs are too big and it irks me a little to think that is considered a negative when that's not necessarily something that can be changed (just like having smaller legs or otherwise). I dunno, the phrasing puts me off a bit but what are ya gonna do.

    4. M and Liz - though I think Z's legs are bulky - I don't mean that negatively. She has gorgeous muscular thighs. She has a gorgeous everything!

  3. Thank you Gina for the link to my site! I was filming a new workout program and that kept me busy. It is on Bulgarian language for now. Hope to film it in English too :)