Monday, August 3, 2015

Zuzka is on a roll these days!

Zuzka has been much more consistent on a regular basis posting workouts.
I like this and her workout theme has changed for the better, IMO.
She has a high intensity workout followed by a yoga/arm balance routine each day. I like this because it makes the work outs longer, and I love the combination of intensity and yoga.
I do this myself a lot, but unlike Z I'm a fan of heavy weights. If I wasn't I would follow her combo of workouts more religiously.
I did really like her Fat Burn #1 from last week look forward to the new one this week. My only complaint with it as I mentioned before is and there's no pulling exercises. Both Zuzka and Lisa both overdo the pushing exercises and I find that my shoulders get fatigued very easily. I do have shoulder issues so maybe some of you out there can say you don't have the same problem.

I sometimes change the order of the exercises to give my shoulders a break so I feel like I can get a better workout and keep up. 

Z today to a day workout schedule again this week as well as a beginner one:

Monday – Summer Shred #7 X (beat your personal best) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be Body Crush #10X


Tuesday – Jump Rope Cardio #14 X (New in ZGYM) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be 5 minute workout #32


Wednesday – 15 Minute Fat Burn #2 (new in ZGYM) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be Beginner Cardio #5


Thursday  –  Cardio Shred #4 (beat your personal best) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be Power Yoga #17


Friday –  ZWOW #8 (new in Fitness) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be 5 Minute Workout #31


Saturday – Kettlebell Workout for All Levels #4 (beat your personal best) + Arm Balance #6

Your second workout can be JRC #6


Sunday – Arm Balance #7 – All Levels (New in ZGYM)

Your second workout can be ZWOW #1



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