Friday, August 28, 2015

BR.TV Does Have New Workouts

So I stand corrected. I was told that BR DOES in fact have new workouts each day and has since June.
I did not understand it that way. I thought these were random old workouts posted each day on their FB page. Did you guys realize new routines were available each day? I TOTALLY missed that!

But check it out!


  1. They post so much things that is's easy to miss those workouts. And they are not real-time

    1. I totally missed it and probably bc they are not real time. I just assumed they were old workouts. They are not marketing it as well as they prob could.

    2. There hasn't really been a rhyme or reason to their daily workouts -- I wish there were because I'd love to do them more regularly! I honestly just not interested at all. Their promotion of them hasn't been too great.

    3. Liz- YES. Their promotion hasn't been that great and I don't get why not?