Sunday, August 30, 2015

Catching Fire Workout Program by BR.TV is Now For SALE

Did you guys see this?! (Thank you Karoline).

The videos of the Catching Fire workout has been removed from YouTube and are now for sale.
It's a weird concept for BR - becaue their workouts are supposed to be free, but it's actually not a bad deal.
You get 3 pieces of equipment, 3 eBooks and 30 workouts for $189.

I suppose if you are someone who already has equipment and just use the workouts you might not be so happy about this. Or if you take their workouts to the gym....
Or even if you just want the equipment and eBooks, and don't use the workouts, it is a good deal.

I am trying to post a pic of it, but for whatever reason my computer is not cooperating right now, so go to the link:

I also wonder if Melissa or Rita get any kickbacks for the sale of it. I also wonder how well it will sell overall.....


  1. I have to admit I'm tempted. It seems like a really good deal.

  2. Don't all of their workouts & ebooks come with the bodyrock plus package- past, present, future ebooks & workouts- if so then why are they selling this separate? Also they started the whole thing saying that they were bringing free workouts to the world---- kind of not anymore? idk just my random thoughts while I'm overtired lol Melissa is awesome though:) if people want to buy it -sounds worth it:)