Friday, August 28, 2015

Zuzka's 15 Min Fat Burn and 5 Min Ab Workout, WHEN is BR.TV gonna do something new?

What did you guys think? I liked both a lot actually even if the 15 min one had WAY too many pushing exercises. How many push ups did Zuzka do in that 15 min?!
The 5 min ab routine was a good one - especially to use at the end of a workout.

STILL not much going on with BR.TV right now. I know they are shooting their beginners series. There has not been much of Sean lately. And remember Brooke? I just saw an old workout posted with her today. I wonder why they have not been using her lately. Edith seems to be all over their FB page these days. But that's ok - I love her and find her body and attitude very motivating.

Lisa has a video of herself on National Dog Day with her dogs, and is it just me or does she look like she is trying WAY too hard to be a sex pot. I like it when she is silly WAY better.

September is right around the corner and is a start of new beginnings for many of us. I would think that BR.TV would have something new coming out by now!

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