Thursday, July 2, 2015

Zuzka's Throwback Post and Trouble with BRs Posts

Ok, did you guys see this post on Zuzka's FB page? Which one do you like better?
I was SO surprised to see that the majority of people preferred 2012! 
I think she looks WAY better now, but most folks liked her softer more feminine look. What do you guys think?

Also, have you guys noticed all the trouble with BRs posts on FB? A lot of them turn all black when you click on them and you can't read what they are about. I emailed them tonight to let them know so let's see if it gets fixed. 

Today is day 2 of their blast challenge and its with Sean. Is it just me or anyone else surprised there was no real promotions for this series of workouts?! 


  1. Zuzana is known for having a figure like the pic on the right. I don't know why ppl would even follow her if they prefer the one on the left. I am not saying people should't like the look better on the left (although I like the right 100% better). I know not all people like a super ripped look. But since the look on the left is out of the norm for her, why follow her?

    1. Good point Lexxie. Maybe people didnt realize how diff she looked at that time?

  2. I think she's beautiful in both- but I think the recent pic looks amazing! ---the difference is astounding 😊 very motivating:)

  3. I like both looks but she is incredibly lean and strong in the second photo, and not in a bad way - very motivating!