Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Stuff From Lisa, BR.TV and Zuzka

Sorry - no pics today to go with this post as I'm on the road!
But did you guys see Lisa dancing on her FB page? Hilarious and cute. I've said this before, as crazy as Lisa seems with her body dysmorphia issues, she also seems like so much fun. I bet she'd be a blast to go out with!
I recommend going to her page and checking it out. 

Also, BR.TV has a new workout with their new trainer Jacqui. She is quite muscular and reminds me a little of Melissa Iojas body type. I believe she is Sean's girlfriend. I remember another one of his girlfriends on BR a couple of years ago and she was a more muscular type too. 
Her workout looks pretty good - a sell for the vest and wall ball. You can check it out here:

Zuzka re-posted her Summer Shred workout #1 for free on her web-site for us to try. Her summer shred series has gotten a lot of positive comments, but this one looks similar to all her other stuff. It's also not one of the longer ones which I was hoping to see. You can check that out here:

I'm not sure when BRs next challenge is coming. Karim was hardly in this last one at all. I wonder if they will use him again. I know Kristin is gone so we will have to wait and see. 


  1. I commented on Kristin's IG yesterday to see what she was up to, and she said that she'll be focusing on personal training and modeling, that she may or may not post some things to IG from time to time but that's not a focus right now. I really loved her workouts in this challenge; it was a refreshing change to all of the jumping around lol.

    I don't want to be harsh as it's not my body and not my choice, but I was watching a video of Lisa speaking the other day and I just can't with her face. Like you said, she must be a blast to hang out with, as her personality is so awesome; but at the same time I just can't with her face. It barely moves; her lips look like they're made of wax. But it is what it is - not my body, not my choice.

    Melissa Ioja posted a backyard workout the other day which I will try tomorrow morning - she even recruited her husband Adrian and it was hilarious. I loved how they did not hold back or even pretend it was easy .... it makes the few times a swear word creeps from my lips during a workout not seem so bad :)

    1. I know what you mean about Lisa's face. I'll have to check out Melissa's workout. I wonder what we will see from Kristen next if anything at all.....

  2. Also --- I received this workout in my email this morning

    along with the note that "[t]omorrow we'll be starting the FREE BodyRock Blast Series, so stay tuned!" --- guess we'll see what that's all about.

    Good luck on the road and with moving, Gina; hope all is well :)

    1. Tx! The move has me a little stressed out. But I did get in a good workout in today which helped.
      I have no idea what's going on with this blast challenge from BR, and I find a little strange there wasn't really any promos for it.....

  3. It seems that Edith is back in the BR team and I'm very happy about that. Her routines are always well balanced

    1. Yes!!! I like Edith a lot too.