Saturday, July 4, 2015

Another Diet Experimentation from Zuzka - The Keto Diet

Well Zuzka is at it again with her diet. It has been vegetarian and vegan in the past as well as earned carbs only. 
She is trying the Ketogenic diet now - she did briefly in the past too.

I always find her diet advice to be kind of crazy, but at least here in her post she admits that this diet is not for everyone.

I have a few issues with all of this :

1. Zuzka mentions that you need to have less than 20 grams of carbs a day. Most research shows you need at least 50 for health reasons. Ectomorphs do better on a high carb diet.
2. When embarking on a Keto diet it usually takes a couple of weeks before you are actually in Keto state and those 2 weeks can be hell and you need to get through it in order to start feeling good. A lot of folks can't do it!
3. This diet is often very void in micronutrients and fiber and can cause constipation. There are very little fruits and veggies, and supplements are often needed. It is therefore not really a balanced diet. 
4. This diet was originated as a treatment  for pediatric epilepsy, not as a weight loss plan. 
5. This diet usually increases calories and depending if you believe that all calories are created equal, you could actually be eating more. 
6. Long term affects can be kidney stones and calcium deposits. 

What do you guys think of Zuzka's latest diet advice?


  1. I wrote my opinion to it on her site. I think it is the dancing with a tambourine around the campfire. I prefer eat carbs. I love carbs. I think that Zuzka just afraid that carbs makes her fat like a lot of women think. :) I'd recommened Zuzka to read some Lyle McDonald's articles, but I'm afraid that she adds me to blacklist like Lisa-Marie did, when I said to her that superfoods doesn't help too lose fat. You lose fat when you spend more energy than get with the food and more move your body. And I am banned. XD.LM disappointed me. Her page on FB is such a garbage can (a lot of unnecessary information)

  2. Oh, I´ve been wanting to comment about this for a long time, but I´ve kept my mouth shut, you know, because you easily get a "hater" on your forehead, just because you happen to have a different opinion. I´m not hating anyone, I absolutely L<3VE Zuzka, however, I think she should be WAY more careful with her diet adcives. This "earn your carbs by working out" stuff and all the "carbs are evil" statements make me so worried, that someone will end up having an eating disorder. I have a bit of experience of this, I used to be that girl who was thinking "I have to earn my food". I was obsessed. Now I´m much more balanced and relaxed with the food, and no, I really don´t need to earn my food, I am a human and I need food. If I want to eat an apple, I eat it. No need to do a Tabata for it. =D (Or maybe I´m just the only crazy one who got a little too much influenced by others.) Yes, Zuzka looks amazing, and yes, my abs are not as solid hard as hers, but I´m still fit and healthy and feeling good. =D

  3. Lisa and Irene - I know what you mean. You can't even respectfully say something without being a 'hater' and getting banned. I agree about the superfoods as well.

    I can understand a moderate carb diet, but this keto this is too much. Also, what confuses me the most is that I know for fact she has had very high carb diet (bodyrock days) and looked just as ripped. I am not a promoter of super low carb diets (I am okay with moderate carb) and even I thought 'How does she look like that with mainly carbs and almost no protein?"

    Just a point about her knowledge of nutrition-- I recall back in 2012 she did a post about what her diet looked like and when ppl questioned her lack of protein, she tried to defend it by saying she eats avocado and mushrooms which are both great sources of protein (NO they are not! lol).

    So, my point is, why eat so extreme if you can have an amazing body and enjoy food a bit more? Why not just be moderate about things?

    She really confuses me. She went vegetarian back in BR days and told us that it wasn't the right thing for her (I think she said she had lack of energy... and I know she said she lost muscle). So why did she try this again not so long ago? That doesn't make sense to me. Then she does this huge write up about why being vegetarian isn't a good choice. She listed several facts to back it up. I thought to myself that if she did some research before she went veg, she would have found those facts and perhaps not have even bothered. She seems to dive into things without thinking critically.

    I am not saying anything is wrong with vegetarianism. I just don't get why she does a post titled 'Diet for abs" to support it (or something like that) and then a month later says being a vegetarian is a bad choice and puts up reasons to argue why this is so.

    1. I ask you, don't judge who can or can't say smth rescpectfully, PLEASE. It's the Internet, there are letters, no intonation. :( I can think that you are being a "hater" to me or Irene with your comments in the beginnig. :) It's becoming too popular to call "haters" everybody who has a different opinion. I love Zuzka and love to train with bodyrock, but they (for example LM) have to check out information that given to us. It's my own opinion. I'm not hater! Smile, peace and bubblegum! :)

    2. Lexxie - I wonder why she keeps messing with her diet when she looks awesome regardless! She needs to live a little. :)

    3. Lexxie - I wonder why she keeps messing with her diet when she looks awesome regardless! She needs to live a little. :)

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  5. I think you may have misunderstood me. I am 100% supporting what you and Irene said.

    Unless I am misunderstanding the meaning behind your recent post?

  6. Ah...Lisa. I think I understand now. You misunderstood what I meant (because English must not be your first language). When I say the word 'you', that is figuratively, not literally. I can see why this was confusing- my apologies!

    To be clear, what I mean by that fist sentence is "People can not even respectfully say something without being called a hater". Meaning that whenever we say something, we are told we are a 'hater', but really we just share a different opinion with BR or Zuzka-- we are not 'haters'.

    1. Oh.. I'm so sorry! I really misunderstood what you said. :( I feel so ashamed and embarrassed now..( Yes, English isn't my native. And I think I need to learn it more carefully and more practice.

  7. It's okay Lisa. I don't speak anything except English. You are much further ahead of me as you can speak more than one language :)