Friday, July 17, 2015

The Latest Stuff From Zuzka and Week 2 Ends With Edith

Zuzka has posted lots of new stuff - new blog posts, new recipes, and new workouts and new equipment.
She is now selling the dip station - an oldie but goodie from her BR days. She uses it in her latest FREE 5 min workout. I LOVED this workout. It has a push, a pull and a leg/core exercise. This is GREAT. I would love more than 5 reps of each and more than 5 minutes,
But do 10 rows, 10 pistols each side, 10 weighted burpees (maybe even with an overhead press) for 5 rounds and now we're talking! :)
What do you guys think of her selling the dip station?

I am sad to see Edith's workouts come to an end. I have enjjoyed her choices of exercises. Her workouts are easy to string together to make a longer and more complete routine. I love how she does a high intensity yoga type workout on Fridays.
Have you guys enjoyed her? Lisa has asked us what we want to see next. What are you all looking for?
I would love another HIIT Max type challenge that was more strength based that were all 30 minutes long.
How about you?


  1. As I wrote already, I'm banned and can't to share with Lisa what I want on her FB page. I want longer WOs, more balanced (like Edith's ones), more strength and heavy weight exercises. It can be full body WOs or upper body/lower body splits with cardio between these days. :)

    1. Lisa - if you send BR, Lisa or Freddy a message on FB they will most likely lift your ban!
      I would love it if BR would do longer and stronger based workouts.

  2. Is BR plus still exist? If so, what are you paying for?