Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Zuzka's Beginner Workout, Ab Death from Lisa, And the latest from Rumi and Melissa Ioja

Zuzka's Beginner workout was not really a beginner one today, but I DID like it. Looked like a pretty good routine. I am glad to see she has FINALLY invested in some heavier weights that are not pink!
Z mentions herself that this is not really a beginner workout either:

This workout got me a little out of breath which tells me it’s going to be probably pretty hard for beginners. It’s important for you not to be afraid of your own raised up heart rate and heavy breathing. The purpose of these workouts is to get you ready for the most intense workout routines in the ZGYM and getting used to pushing yourself little bit out of your comfort zone is a very important part of the process.

When I teach class and we do burpees, I always tell beginners to skip the push up, skip the jumping and to put their hands on a step to dilute the movement. I never have raw beginners do full burpees! 
Also, the ab splitters are awesome, but even for some advanced folks it can be hard on the low back. Z admittedly has short legs, so ab splitters would be significantly easier for her than for those of us with long legs. 
I loved her 'ultimate transformer' ab exercise and will use that one in my core class this week. 

Zuzka usually rocks her push ups - but the last round of burpees she looked like she was really struggling with them and her form was off. Her neck is out of alignment and if you watch her low back dips a bit too much too,
I actually don't necessarily care that Lisa and Z get tired and their form suffers (it happens!), but as a responsible trainer they should MENTION it and do a caption or something to let us know. 
I think Rumi ( does a far better job at making sure her form is correct on camera. I highly recommend you check her out if you haven't already as she has a very high-intensity challenge going on right now. I am more into weight lifting that HIIT (it works better for my body type) but I find Rumi's body and workouts super motivating.

Why is Lisa mostly doing AB workouts for this challenge?  I wish she would do more! I am in LOVE with her sports bra and want to know where she got it! 

Lisa looks super good these days, and I miss her energy. Despite her plastic surgery obsession and her form sometimes, I do enjoy her! 
She seems like she would be fun to be around. 

Melissa Ioja has her latest workout posted with Athlean-X if you are interested in checking it out. Looks HARD as HELL. I think I would DROP DEAD!!!
Check it out:
I know people LOVE her, but I just don't find her motivating. Her workouts I find tough, but her fitness look doesn't work for me. She is definitely gorgeous though.


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I just love your blog:) Thank you for posting & keeping us up to date on everything:)

    1. Thanks Annissa! I appreciate that. :)

    2. I agree. I don't always comment, but thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks so much.

  2. I did Zuzka begginer workout yesterday and I love it (I'm not a begginer and I love the mix of exercices). BR Fat burn challenge is boring. I did Kristin day 15 and it was really easy. Don't worry about the pink dumbell, Zuzka wasn't at her house when she filmed this one and it was the dumbell of her friend. She have 12 pound at the Zgym for a while now

  3. Thank you, Gina! There is very creative and challenging push up variation in Mellisa's video. I will try it tomorrow :)