Friday, June 19, 2015

Upper Body Routine from Lisa and 5 Minute Workout From Zuzka

So what did you guys think of Lisa's upper body routine? Not a half bad routine actually. I definitely like full body, but since this is so short, you can easily add more to it. BR did also post a leg routine with Sean today on their FB page - I am sure on purpose so you can put the 2 of these workouts together.
I do love Lisa - as quirky as she is. I just find her likable!

And love her outfit!!!

Loving the mesh! Zuzka also did a post on the latest trend in activewear - mesh - and whether or not we like it. I LOVE it. I know it is not for everyone, but I LOVE, LOVE it!
Sneak peek - but not too much. Yes, you have to be careful how you wear it or you can look trashy. I like a little bit of sexy workout clothes because it makes me want to workout harder. Nothing over the top, but just a little tad sexy.

Zuzka posted her weekly free 5 minute routine which was just OK - typically her 5 minutes are balls to the wall because they are super short, but this was far less intense. But you know what - that is fine! We DON'T need to go super hard and all out every single day. And on an off day or active rest day, this is perfect. Just enough to get you moving a bit - and her exercises require full range of motion, so that is a bonus - IMO.
Workout Breakdown
1. Weighted Clam left – 50 sec
2. Weighted Clam right – 50 sec
3. V-up Scissors – 50 sec
4. One leg dog to knee tucks right – 50 sec
5. One leg dog to knee tucks left – 50 sec


  1. I can't wear mesh :( I like it on other people, but I can't go out of the house in leggings or sport top. I love it when I see other people but for some reason I don't like myself. It is very weird? I have a question, where do you watch last bodyrock challenge? On youtube I see only teasers? I am not email subscriber too, because I get so many emails and don't want one more :)

    1. For some reason - this time around- they are only offering this challenge for those who subscribed to the email. I wish it was offered on YouTube as well- but I get mine every morning:)

    2. I know the reason - they want to collect emails, so they can sell, this is the first advice every marketing expert gives :) I understand this, somehow these free videos must be paid at the end of day, they cost money to be made. Thank you for your answer!