Friday, June 26, 2015

The Last 2 Workouts from BR.TV, Some Great Finisher Workouts, CRAZY talk from Lisa, Zuzka's 5 Minute Workout and WHY weights are BETTER than Cardio - Words From Bret!

The last 2 days with BR has had some pretty good workouts. Yesterday was full body with Lisa - it looked like a good workout to me, BUT my only complaint is that she used EVERY damn piece of equipment with this, so it always seems like a sales pitch to me.
She used the HIIT bar and weights, the Bosu, the Equalizer, and the Adjustable weights. Yikes.
Today was a cardio workout with Sean. He used his weighted vest and it looks like a good finisher of a workout to me. Lots of jumping - I would do this ONE time through at the end of my regular workout. But again, that's me. I'm not a fan of just jumping around for jumping sake. I get wanting to work up a sweat, but I need a progressive workout PLAN, not just - let me see what I can do to sweat a lot today - lack of plan!
But with that being said, IMO it would be a great finisher.
I did 100 Kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes as my finisher today. :) 30 lb bell. But it is ripping up my hands!
I did 50 chest to deck burpees yesterday and it took me 3 minutes and 38 seconds. Loved it though.
The snatches are HELL on earth. LOL.
Anyone out there up for beating my time - GO FOR IT.

Did anyone see Lisa's lighter hair? She has a video on her FB page and says she is going darker again because she is 'not feeling it.' That when she looks in the mirror she 'doesn't seem like me.' SAY WHAT? But the lip injections, botox, nose job, etc, DOES look like her? I don't get that at all.
But to each their own. She looks AWESOME. She showed us her body a couple of times, and WOW her abs look amazing. Lisa seemed to really like to show us her outfit and it was a mere bikini top that she called sexy. I like sexy workout wear too, but not that sexy!!! :)

Zuzka posted her latest 5 minute FREE workout today. The last couple of weeks these workouts have not been nearly as intense, but more on focusing on a body part. I guess she needs to change it up, but I think I would rather have intensity for only 5 minutes. What do you guys think? This one focuses on your glutes:

Workout Breakdown
1. One leg hip raises – left leg
2. One leg hip raises – right leg
3. Hip raises on your toes
4. Crossed leg hip raises – left leg
5. Crossed leg hip raises – right leg
6. Plank heel raises – left leg
7. Plank heel raises – right leg
8. Laying leg circles – left leg
9. Laying leg circles – right leg
10. Hip raise/ knees in & out
I'm not complaining though - it's free and will give up a good booty burn. Combining some of BR.TV's stuff and Zuzka's is always an option too. I know a lot of you out there do that.

Lastly, here are some GREAT words from the ever so wise Bret Contreras. So for those of you who STILL believe cardio trumps weight training, read on!

This point really, really, really needs to be driven home. All of my clients who stay the same weight and gain a lot of strength via resistance training lose size. Even though their scale weight doesn't change, they find that their clothes are swimming on them. Trading 10 lbs of fat for 10 lbs of muscle will have a large visual impact on the body since the less dense fat will take up around 20% more volume than the more dense muscle.
Case in point. One client who has been training with me for 12 months has stayed at 128 lbs the entire year. She can currently squat 190 lbs, deadlift 245 lbs, hip thrust 365 lbs, bench 100 lbs, and perform 3 chin ups, so she's gained considerable strength. She is lean and athletic and loves the way she looks - in fact she just told me that she feels like she has achieved her dream body in just one year. She quit doing cardio, began resistance training 3X/week, started tracking her calories/macros, and focused on setting PRs in the gym each week. She also had to buy new pants as her old ones have a 3" gap at the waist.
Strength training is a tool that is used to influence body composition and shape. Food is a tool that is used to influence bodyweight and body composition. The people who want to lose weight or lean out but end up bulking up on strength training are consuming more calories and then blaming it on the weights. At any given bodyweight, you'll be leaner if you lift weights compared to if you don't.
I love BRET!!!!!!

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