Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lots of New Stuff From Zuzka!!! What is next from BR.TV?

Zuzka has posted quite a few new  things on her web-site.

For one, she has another arm balance challenge. I remember her first one and I LOVED it. I absolutely LOVE arm balances!!! The only one I cannot do is one legged crow. If anyone out there has any tips for me on that one, I'd love to hear it - for someone who has super long legs and a super short torso!

Zuzka also brought back Kettlebell workouts - YIPEE. I LOVE Kettlebells too! I've been working with them on trying to do Turkish Get ups with the 60 lber, but I am not there yet. I can do it with 55 lbs though! I've been doing 70 lb farmer walks and swings, and 45 lb cleans, 25-35 lb snatches, goblet squats and more. Love it all!

I've been doing things like sled pushes/drags, tire flipping, handstands, and rope climbing. Here is a pic from my own workout this weekend:

Z is now offering links to buy equipment as well. REALLY?!?!?!??!

check it out:

You guys have been asking a lot for some upper body workouts involving special equipment such as the dip station, pull up bar or equalizer bars, so I have a new one for you this Saturday. For those of you who don’t have this equipment check out these links below in case you want to purchase the equipment. If it’s something you guys want to include more into our training, let me know in the comments below. If you don’t have the special exercise equipment, don’t worry I will give you different alternatives of exercises you can do with the equipment you already have.
Here’s one Dip Station I found online for a good price.
These equalizer bars are even cheaper and adjustable.
Here’s a step by step DIY dip station out of PVC pipes you can make at home under $40.
You can also use a regular pull up bar for pull ups and knee raises, and a sturdy chair or coffee table for dips.

She also has a 2 a day workout schedule offered again as well as a beginner's option: 

Monday – Cardio Shred #19 (New in ZGYM) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be Body Crush #7 X
Tuesday – Summer Shred #2 X (beat your personal best) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be Kettlebell Workout #8
Wednesday – Beginner Strength # 7 (new in ZGYM) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be Guns & Pistols #3
Thursday  –  Body Crush #11 (beat your personal best) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be JRC #2 X (beat your personal best)
Friday –   5 Minute Workout #41 (new in Fitness) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be 5 Minute workout #19
Saturday – Upper Body Strength – Z-special (new in ZGYM) + Arm Balance #1
Your second workout can be Cardio Shred #8 X
Sunday – Arm Balance #2 – All Levels (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be 5 Minute Workout #20 – full body (twice)
Workout Schedule for Beginners 
Your goal is to push yourself little more each time you repeat a workout.
Monday – Beginner Strength #6
Tuesday – Beginner Cardio #8
Wednesday – Beginner Strength #7
Thursday  –  Beginner Cardio #7
Friday – Beginner Strength #7
Saturday – Beginner Cardio #8
Sunday – Arm Balance #2  – All Levels (New in ZGYM)

Well, I am not really sure what is in fact coming next from BR.TV, but today is a rest day, and according to Lisa's FB page, take the rest because tomorrow is going to be awesome. Tomorrow is day 29, so there are only 2 days left of this 30 day challenge. I have not seen any hints lately on what is coming....
I also find it confusing that they post the workout of the day from the challenge as well as some throw back workouts AND sometimes other random workouts are posted on their main page as well as Lisa's page. Is it just me or does anyone else find this confusing? 


  1. Gina, you look like a teenage girl :)

  2. Usually I get an email even when there's a rest day during the challenge, but I didn't! I got their daily workout, though (although I ended up doing a different routine). As long as I get day's 29 and 30 I'll be good but I do find it a little strange!

    I wish the challenge would be posted to their website, and that their workout archives/current features were organized better. It's one thing to have a different aesthetic but that should include navigation, hopefully more user-friendly. But this has been an issue since I've followed them (almost 4 years ago, eesh, lol)

    You look so great in that picture! Slim and strong! Go you!

    1. I agree Liz - it needs to be organized better. I have seen the complaint/request so many times yet they seem to not pay attention to that, but rather just the look of the site. UGH.
      Thanks for the compliment. working on strength alllllll the time! :)