Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zuzka's Beginner's Workout and the Latest from BR.TV

Zuzka has her latest beginners workout posted. This one was rather tame compared to her other beginner workouts lately - IMO.
Workout Breakdown
1. Up dog to down dog to Crescent pose x 10 alt
2. Static lunge x 10/ 10
3. Kneeling push up to plank knee tucks x 12
4. Static lunge with weights x 10 / 10
5. Squat and punch x 20 alt.
6. Squat / over head press to squat / leg lift  x 10 alt. legs
7. Weighted Sit up twist x 20
8. One leg bridge x 20/20
I think these workouts can also be great for advanced people because they know how to make these harder, but still doing the same (just more difficult variations) exercises. 
BR.TV has Sean lead us through an upper body workout yesterday and Lisa through an ab day today. Just add in a leg day from one of the other days and you've got a 36 min full body routine! 
Sean still looks like he fakes it to me - lol. I don't think these workouts are as hard for him as he plays them out to be. 
I also wish Lisa would work on her push-up form!
What do you guys think of the latest model/host Jacqui? I believe she is Sean's girlfriend and will be part of the next challenge. 
She is one muscular woman! And I believe she is all decked out in Lorna Jane. I know a lot of the hosts wear Lululemon. Zuzka is a big Lorna fan. I do love my Lulu stuff. 

In case you guys are interested, here are a few other high end active wear sites you can check out:
There is also and they have some super cute and much, much cheaper active wear, but I find that it falls apart rather quickly. My Lulu stuff last FOREVER.
Last, but not least, check out Rumi's site today. She has an interesting and different kind of workout being offered:


  1. I love forever21, we don't have this brand in Bulgaria but I buy them when I travel. The are as quality as Nike and cheaper. Thank you for posting my Isometric workout.

  2. Going to check out forever 21 Gina the best thing EVER since I started lifting :-) I just done the Ben Nevis midnight challenge I am grateful for weight training lol