Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zuzka's Latest Workouts and What's New From BR.TV!

Zuzka has posted her new 5 min workout and her new Kettlebell workout. What have you guys thought about her latest workouts? The 5 min one was OK, I love to use them as cash outs, but this was not one of my favorites. Though she is looking great these days!

Did anyone see this post from Freddy?

"New series on the way soon. Pilates Yoga fusion. Also - our new website will be launching within the next 2 weeks. We saw a live demo of it yesterday and it's finally happening. A lot happening!"

Hmmmm...... very interesting. So looks like they will launch their new site just prior to their latest workout challenge. 
I also love the pics of this girl Lindsey that BR uses all over their FB page. She has such a gorgeous muscular body! 

I think it is a Lorna Jan sports bra that she is wearing. I want one! 

1 comment:

  1. the 5 min workout was ok, the reverse squat exercise is no fav off mine, dead lifts is great and one exercise i do love :). the new kettle bell workout is members only and to those i dont belong anymore :). as soon as i hear new things are going on i will give the zgym a new chance.