Monday, May 11, 2015

The Latest from Zuzka This Week, Coffee Talk From LISA!

Zuzka has another 2 workout a day week posted for us:

About the workout schedule
One of my workouts a day is good enough to improve your health and fitness, and get real visible results. If you’re super motivated to get super fast results, you can do the second suggested workout in this schedule, but caution should be taken to ensure that you’re not regressing by draining your energy too much.
That said, let me give you a few tips:
1. Don’t do 2 high intensity workouts back to back. It’s going to be way more effective if you do each of them with fresh energy, so take at least a few hours in between them. If you’re fresh and strong for each workout, you’ll be able to push yourself harder and thus burn more calories and contract your muscles better. The only exception is Power Yoga. You can do PoYo after any workout since it’s an aerobic based routine focused mainly on stretching and core work.
2. Support your training with proper diet. Read through my Nutrition Guide to get the idea.
3. Track your progress. Always write down your score for every workout. If you see that you’re not beating your personal bests for routines you’ve done in the past, the chances are you’re overtraining yourself instead of getting stronger. If you’re getting fitter, stronger, and faster, it’s going to reflect on your body so keeping track of your times and reps is really important. You should also take measurements with a tape measure, and before and after pictures. Weighing yourself won’t tell you much unless you can track your body fat % which is not easy to do accurately at home.
Monday – Cardio Shred #18 (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Body Crush # 15
Tuesday – Body Crush #14  (beat your personal best)
Your second workout can be Cardio Shred #10
Wednesday – Beginner Cardio #10X (new in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be JRC #1
Thursday  –  Kettlebell Workout #2 (beat your personal best)
Your second workout can be 5 minute workout #10 and 5 minute workout #11
Friday –   5 minute workout #34 (new in Workouts)
Your second workout can be Kettlebell Workout for All Levels #9
Saturday – Jump Rope Cardio #13 (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Body Crush #13
Sunday – Postural Therapy #3 – Knee Pain (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Power Yoga #5

I am interested in her Cardio Shred as it has handstands!?  Also looks like she is doing new Postural Therapy workouts instead of new yoga workouts. What have you guys thought about that? 

I also saw on Lisa's FB page asking us what we wanted answered in a coffee talk. I am surprised that both BR and Z use the coffee talk terminology. I woulda thought one of thhem would have changed that concept by now to another one......


  1. Zuzka have 4 new workouts this week! How many from BR? One? From Melissa? what are they doing?! loll

    1. Gotta wait til June 1st I guess!

  2. I get so annoyed when Lisa calls it 'coffee talk' because I think that is Zuzka's saying. But I guess one could argue the saying 'belongs' to that is why Lisa uses it.