Wednesday, May 6, 2015

GREAT Fitness Stuff From Around The Web

I have some GREAT stuff for you guys to read today....

This first article is by Bret - my favorite! But he goes into how to get the most glute work out of each of 5 various exercises. GOOD to know if you are working on that booty!

I did this post for BR.TV -
Some pretty useful info. :)

I also LOVED this article - tons of useful info in here:

Want STRONG legs without using any weights? Check this out!

Lastly, Bret did an awesome post. Makes me laugh a little bit when I think of some of the crazy exercises that Lisa does....

For the vast majority of exercisers, squatting, deadlifting, lunging, and bridging on a stable surface is far superior to squatting, deadlifting, lunging, and bridging on an unstable surface.
There are several good reasons why you've never seen an Olympic level weightlifter, an elite powerlifter, or a Mr. Olympia level bodybuilder performing barbell squats on a stability ball, Bosu ball, Airex Balance pad, wobble disc, or balance board.
First, stable training is safer. Squatting and deadlifting on the ground is risky enough, and I can assure you that the quickest way to halt your progress altogether is to fall off of an unstable surface device and experience an injury.
Second, stable training leads to higher levels of glute activation. The glutes prefer a stable environment in order to achieve their maximal activation potential.
Third, stable training allows for greater loads to be utilized, which provides a greater overall metabolic and neuromuscular stimulus.
And fourth, stable training allows for greater consistency in technical execution, which is an important component to gaining strength via intermuscular coordination.
If your goal is to maximize lower body strength and hypertrophy, ditch the unstable surface devices and perform your lower body training on flat ground.

Happy Reading Everyone! Let me know what you think. :)

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