Monday, May 4, 2015

New Stuff From Zuzka, Melissa Bender's Latest Workout and BR's NextChallenge

Zuzka posted her latest schedule and newest workout:

Workout Schedule
  • Monday

    Body Crush #19 (New in ZGYM)
  • Tuesday

    Cardio Shred #11 (beat your personal best)
  • Wednesday

    Beginner Cardio #9X (new in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    JRC #9 (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 minute workout #33 (new in Workouts)
  • Saturday

    Kettlebell Workout #9 (New in ZGYM)
  • Sunday 

    Postural Therapy #2 – Upper Back Pain (New in ZGYM)
She has lots of new stuff this week, including a bodyweight workout, a beginner workout, a Kettlebell workout, a five minute workout, a jump rope work out, and another postural workout.

That sure is a lot for one week! Just as I was getting bored with her stuff, she's been taking it up a notch. What do you guys think about it?

As a BR plus member I just got the latest of Melissa Bender's workout. I've been really liking her stuff so far, but this workout I did not like at all. It seemed a little bit lower intensity and for 12 minutes it certainly needs to be high-intensity. There also was a lot of kicking and I'm not a big fan of the kicking moves.

The other day I posted that bodyrock's new challenge is coming June 1. We know that it will be Lisa, Kristen, Sean, and it's Karim that is the 4th trainer. 
Really looking forward to the variety of trainers, and I'm also very interested in seeing Karim's workouts. Or maybe I'm interested in watching him work out. LOL. Not sure if you guys saw the story about him, but he used to be very overweight, and really change his life around. I find that just amazing.


  1. Very much looking forward to the 1 June challenge. Was there something about you needing to sign up for it? Or will it be freely available to all?

    1. I believe it is free to all, but you can sign up via email to get it sent to your inbox daily.

  2. Did you the website changes on Zuzkalight . com? Her site is amazing, very professional and she reorganized her stuff depending of the workout focus, the lenght of the workout, the intensity. It's pretty good.

    1. Yes! Her site is MUCH more organized now. I do like it.

  3. well now it sucks to not be a member anymore, after months of waiting for something to happend it started when my membership was over :D.

    1. I hear u I renewed my membership a couple of weeks ago just because I wanted the earley download and there's just more Melissa bender. I think shes very pretty but just not my style.