Monday, May 18, 2015

Zuzka's Latest Schedule and some info from around the web

Zuzka posted her latest schedule - this week is another week where you can double up on her workouts if you want to.
I am a bit confused by the schedule though:

  • Monday

    Summer Shred #1 X (New in ZGYM)
  • Tuesday

    Summer Shred #2 X (beat your personal best)
  • Wednesday

    Beginner Strength # 1 (new in ZGYM)
  • Thursday

    Summer Shred #1 (beat your personal best)
  • Friday

    5 Minute Workout #35 ABS (new in Workouts)
  • Saturday

    Summer Shred #2 (Beat your personal best)
  • Sunday

    Postural Therapy #4 - Hip Pain (New in ZGYM)

She lists Summer Shred #2 twice as a beat your personal best? And summer shred #1 that is done on Monday is also done again on Thursday? I don't get it! 

Z also did an awesome looking chocolate recipe:
But again I am confused - she lists it as a post workout snack - which I am sure it is because of the carb content from the chickpeas. BUT this also has a high fat content and she has mentioned in the past that it is not good to have high fat snacks after a workout. Again, I don't get it! 

I write for another blog once in a while and I just did a post on lots of interesting fitness info from around the web. Check it out if you are interested:


  1. I also noticed the high fat post workout. I have always gone by the idea that fat is to be excluded after working out, and instead high protein high carb (so your muscles absorb it faster, as fat makes this process slower). She ALSO has said this.....yet continues to have very high fat after her workouts.

    1. I am curious to see if she keeps up the high fat diet!

  2. Summer Shred #2 looks awesome! can't wait to try it tonight!

    1. Its awesome and aweful all at the same time. Those pendelloms killed me. After summer shred #2 I fill like puking. Def soaking in a bath now.

    2. I know your feeling, I did it tonight and it was HARD!! Good job!

  3. She messed up with the Summer Shred #2, it was "new in ZGym" on tuesday and not "beat your personal best". Both workouts #1 and #2 are repeated respectively on thursday and saturday.
    I really like the looks of the #2. Love pyramid style workouts! It is somewhat on the longer side and don't always have that much time for a long finisher. But I definitely look forward to it.
    The #1 also looks good but I would add the 1 part to the end of the workout to make it a little longer. 12 minutes are too short for me. I like my finishers to be 15-20 minutes long.
    As for the diet advice, I just ignore it as always, lol. What works for her won't work for the most of other people. She should stick to what she can best, making awesome workouts.

    1. LOL. Her diet advice is always a little weird - IMO! Her workouts are far better than her nutritional advice.