Thursday, May 21, 2015

Looks Like Zuzka is STILL having Problems with Watch It Now Entertainment, and BR Plus having issues too!

Wow! Still?!?!?

Did you guys see this on Z's FB page?

CALL TO ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear ZGym Members,
It has been brought to our attention that many of you may not know that, as of November 1, 2014, Zuzka Light and Zuzka Light Productions LLC became completely independent of Watch It Now TV. Since then, neither Zuzka Light nor Zuzka Light Productions LLC has any association with Watch It Now TV. Members have informed us that they are being charged by Watch It Now TV , creating the impression that the charges come for ZGym. Please check your Bank Statements to make sure that your payments are being made to Zuzka Light Productions and not to Watch It Now TV. Contact your bank to correct any errors you may find. If you have any question about ZGym or please contact our ONLY Customer Support Team via email at
Please - Help our community and share this with every member of ZGym you know.

This is just crazy. Have any of you had any problems with it? I know a lot of you have been happy with her Summer Shred this week - I believe she has taken her workouts up a notch for this series.

I also saw this on Lisa's FB page:

Hi BodyRockers,
For anyone having problems with their Plus Section - Don't worry we are fixing it right now - For help e-mail Customercare@Bodyrock.Tv

REALLY? How weird - at the same time that Zuzka is having problems. 

Melissa Bender's Workout is live right now too:

What do you guys think? This one reminded me a little of Lisa's workouts because there was a half a dozen different variations of push-ups/planks. Nothing for the legs. 

So this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Starts bathing suit season here in New England! Are you guys ready? I am pretty ready. My butt could still use some work, but that's ok. No one's perfect. :) 


  1. Well, it's good that she is addressing it. However, 'Call to action" just sounds like a strange way of saying it (to me, at least lol).

    1. It is good that she is addressing it and not ignoring it like she did last time. I don't think she wrote that post, so not sure where the Call To Action came from either. LOL