Saturday, May 23, 2015

BR.TV's Fat Burn Challenge and Coffee Talk, Zuzka's Bathing Suits and Summer Shred

Well BR.TV's Fat Burn Challenge is about a week or so away.
It has it's OWN FB page now:

On this page as well as Lisa's page she does a coffee talk about the challenge. She lets us know that her workouts are HIIT Max based, Sean's and Kristin's are more strength based and Karim is a combo.
She also lets us know that we can go through the workouts as many times as we want - so I know that is for people who want more than 12 minutes (like me!).

Lisa looks a little odd to me - botox and lip injections I think, but then again, that's just Lisa now isn't it?!
She talks about lifting heavier weights if you want to get more toned - she says more toned means more muscle which means more weight. YAHOO. Thank you Lisa!!!!! (not more damn cardio!)

This next challenge has the new HIIT Blocks this time around - which I LOVE that they will be using heavier weights. (Equalizer, Vest, Sandbag and Bosu are all in the promos too).

I have to say that I wish BOTH BR and Zuzka did their latest workout series in April - before bathing suit season. Today it officially starts where I live, so starting these challenges now is not ideal.
I have heard from a few of you that Z's latest series is pretty damn good.

I have REALLY been focusing on strength and yoga, NOT cardio other than walking as much as I can throughout the day (taking extra steps, walking up stairs, parking farther away, etc, etc), and I am far more pleased with my body than I have been in a long time. I've also upped my protein intake so I know that has helped as well.
As soon as I have the guts to take a pic I will! :)

I got 5 pull-ups today with a 15 lb weight belt on. I got 10 push ups with a 25 lb plate on my back (chest to floor push-ups!). I also did 175 lb hip thrusters - which is not my heaviest at all, but I did 4 sets of 10, slow, with an iso hold at the top and then held for 30 seconds at the end. BOOTY burn!
Then I practiced some deadlifts, pistols, handstands and splits. I loved it.

Zuzka has posted lots of pics of herself in various new bikini's. What do you guys think? I would probably post a hundred of them if I had her body too. LOL.

I love the little video clips that Z puts on her FB page with various exercises. I hope she keeps doing that. Her latest one is a booty and ab exercise that looks pretty cool. I am going to try it.


  1. Scoop! Kristin do not work for BR anymore. Her FB fan page have been deleted so I asked her what was going on with the FB page and she answered that she's not working for BR anymore (on her instagram). This is a bad news, I liked her

  2. How can she quit? Isn't she part of the next challenge?

    1. The videos are already filmed

    2. @Anissa -- It hasn't been specified that she quit -- maybe she just signed on to do the upcoming challenge. Also, besides the Lights and Lisa, it seems like a lot of the hosts are hosts short-term because (and this is a wild but logical guess) that getting their name out there with a reputable company will help them along the way, so to speak. Maybe BR can compensate monetarily, maybe they can't - who knows, but Lisa and Sean own a part of the company, so it makes sense they'd be around long-term. What's to say of the other hosts? Well, getting attention from a huge audience base is never a bad thing. (It's one of the reasons I still follow Melissa Ioja, even above BR. Her workouts make more sense to me as far as advancement and results.)

      Also, BR as of late has always filmed their challenges in advance so there's no reason why Kristin wouldn't be part of the one that starts June 1st. They're just going to "air the previously recorded episodes", as it were.