Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lots of New Stuff From Zuzka - is she trying to compete with BR.TV?

Zuzka has been posting little snip-its of exercises on her FB page. She did an ab one that I posted about on Thursday and she did another one on Friday of a one legged downdog stretch:

I like how she is posting these on FB.

She also did a couple of fashion posts:

I am NOT a fan of this outfit! LOL. But that's me.

I do think her bathing suit is adorable though:

She mentions here that her Summer Shred series begins May 18th. I wonder if this is to compete with BR.TV's Summer Fat burn coming June 1st? She is starting her 2 weeks earlier. What do you guys think? A coincidence or a purposeful plan to compete with BR? 
I also wonder if she will shoot these workouts in her bathing suit?! 

Z also posted another one of her FREE 5 minute workouts. This is a Kettlebell workout and it is quite advanced:
Workout Breakdown
1. Snatch to overhead squat alt.
2. Czech swing
3. Pass under to Goblet squat
4. Roll back to overhead press
5. Russian twist (x4) to push up
I do not know too many people who can snatch or overhead squar or roll back. But I for one am now dying to try this workout! I plan on doing it as a cash out to my own workout on Monday, 
I would love to do this as part of my KB class that I teach on Tuesdays, but half the class wouldn't be able to handle to the exercises to perform them correctly!

BR.TV is pushing the sales of their weighted vest - looks like they will be using it a lot during their next challenge. It is $89. You can get it for $60 HERE
I saw some clips of Sean and Karim using it too. I wonder if theirs is 6 lbs or not? 

I've really be concentrating on my weight lifting and yoga. I'm SO close to an unassisted pistol squat - even with my monster long legs (41" from hip to heel!!!) 
I did 5 pull-ups today with a 15 lb weight belt on, then 4, then 4, then 3.
I did 4 sets of 8 dips.
I did single arm sumo deadlifts with 60 lbs
Regular deadlifts w/150 lbs
and I did 4 sets of 10  full range and 3 second iso hold (ea rep) hip thrusters with 135 lbs - this is pretty light weight for me, but I'll tell you, my BUTT was on FIRE!!!!!
I'm also doing handstands without the wall but cannot hold it for more than a second. I keep trying though!


  1. Congrats for the progress with pistol! You have really long legs, I love long legs, always wnated mine to be longer lol Your weight trainin is monster. Thank you for the idea to add some weight to pull ups, I never try this way and curious if I can do it :) Z looks amazing in swimming suit. There is a lot of work to shoot workouts, so don't know about the competing start dates of both challenges. But with 5 minutes workouts it si more doable to compete in the last minute. Mine will start on 25th of May and I am done with just 1 video :( But I tried several of the workouts I plan to shoot, so at least I know what I will film :) Wish you sunny weekend :)

  2. If she's being competitive its working. I renewed my.membership 2 days ago and so far I've been impressed. She looks great in that bikinni. I can't wait till Monday to try her new program .

  3. I think Zuzka work a lot on her business and she is very consistent with the new stuff! I don't think it's to compete with BR that she launched a summer series, I rather think that BR is way out of time to start their challenge on June 1st. If we want results, we have to start earlier than June 1st!