Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zuzka's Beginner Workout, Melissa Bender Week 8, How many carbs should you eat? A Post From Sean

Zuzka posted her beginner workout and someone commented with this and she replied:

  • Shauna Roberts That's beginner? My 275 lb frame disagrees.
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    • Zuzka Light This is after 9 weeks of training every single day. This series gets progressively harder, however you start with a simple easy workout the very first week and then you build on it.
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Zuzka also posted a pretty cool video clip on her FB page of an ab workout. Melissa Bender's latest workout with BR.TV was about abs too. I'm not a big fan of ab workouts, but they are good to include as part of a whole routine and I like some of the ideas for my Core class that I teach.

Melissa had some pretty hard core (pun intended) ab exercises. The hollow hold to leg touch - yikes! And the knee to nose into one legged side plank - ouch!

Here is a post that I did for BR on figuring out how many carbs you should eat:

Lastly, I am not sure if you guys saw a post from Sean that I now think has been deleted? It is with Melissa Power and if you remember she was one of the contestants with Zuzka last  year doing that 30 day challenge. I remember Melissa saying that they were friends, and I always found it odd that she was chosen to go on Z's program, A small world I suppose! But now I can't find the post to share here.


  1. I think Zuzka´s "beginner" program was not for complete beginners in the first place. I am advanced, and even I have been using those workouts for inspiration to my own moderate cardio workouts! It´s like she has completely forgot what it is like to be a beginner. I haven´t. =D Also, I think it is pretty weird that the whole program is not available from the beginning to everybody. Someone who sees the harder stuff, like the Facebook-lady, is going to be like "okay, maybe this kind of working out is not for me if THIS is for beginners." I do understand Zuzka´s point, however, I think the program is for someone who has already been active at least somehow. Well, this is just my opinion! =D

    Melissa Bender is adorable! She has some interesting moves, they might look easy, and wow, when you try it, ouch! =D

    1. Really I'll have to try them . is there any weeks 1-8 you'd recommend. I have them on my comp and for whatever reason everyday when I workout I end up picking a hiitmax week.

    2. Oh, actually I haven´t tried any of the recent Bodyrock workouts, so I can not recommend anything... I have tried one of Melissa´s workouts on her own site, that was more like my kind of workout than those at Bodyrock. =D

  2. Melissa's workouts for bodyrock are actually pretty much the same as her regular stiff she posts on her site. similar moves, similar timing, no big difference there. buy good stuff indeed.