Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zuzka's Coffee Talk, Her Beginner Workout #6, My Yoga Post for BR

What did you guys think of Zuzka's coffee talk? She can ramble a bit - can't she?!

She showed us a bit around her house - which I guess was ok. I didn't really need to see that.
She is also making her own clothing line. I am curious about this. BR did it too and it was kind of a flop. I don't know how she is going to be successful at it, but we will see.

What did you think of her questions and answers?

Zuzka's comments on pregnancy were just her own opinion. I worked out VERY intensely with my second, but was not able to with my first.
What did you think of her strategy on junk food? Very different approach and interesting. Most people do say out of sight, out of mind, yet she challenges us to become stronger by leaving the food around and learn to say no to it. Hmmmm.....
I'm also not so sure I agreed with her comment on weight lifting heavy vs, medium weights at a higher intensity. She says these 2 things do the same thing for your body. Not true. I also don't think Z uses medium weights - other than her 26.5 lb Kettlebell, her pink weights?! LOL.
But whatever she does clearly works for HER. As I have said before, she has hit the genetic jack pot.

Zuzka's beginner workout was more of the same - some jumping, but at a slower pace. Mountain climbers for a beginner? I would have a beginner do these elevated on a bench or something to dilute the movement. Forward and backward lunge? Again I find a lot of newbies have a REALLY hard time with lunges!

Workout Breakdown
1. Forward / Backward Lunge 10/10
2. forward back / jump jack x 20
3. Round Kick x 10 alt (mobility)
4. Scissors (x3) to kick up x 12
5. Mountain climbers x 20
6. Bicycle x 20

Here is one of my latest posts for BR. I love my yoga!!!!

Love the pic BR used too! 


  1. I have never had kids (don't plan to) but have thought about intensity during pregnancy. Some women have told me they could work out high intensity while pregnant. It just seems to me like a woman would have to do less intense so the baby doesn’t get thrown around too much in the womn (haha). But that’s my own thoughts and I am rather ignorant to pregnancy so maybe I’d think different after I researched it better. And I would assume if many women have said its okay by their doctors, that for some pregnancies this is okay.
    I liked that coffee talk. I kinda like the longer ones as I find it entertaining, but if you don’t care much about what she has to say, they could be too long.
    I would agree her weights are ‘light’ for the most part. I do get that given the intensity, it is challenging to lift as heavy as when I just do weights on their own…but I still feel like she can go heavier for many things (so an actual ‘medium’ size weight). I also feel like she should use more than one weight in a workout ie: I can do more for my legs with squats, say, than for shoulders.

    1. You are just so uncomfortable during pregnancy and you want to be safe. I think as long as YOU feel safe - then the exercise is OK. I wouldn't recommend horse back riding! With my first pregnancy I had a dislocated pubic bone, so my exercise was so limited. My second I was in CrossFit. So go figure!
      I liked the coffee talk too, I just think she rambles sometimes, but Z's personality can be so cute.
      I think her weights are too light as she does combination moves so like you said you cannot use weights heavy enough for your legs because you are also doing shoulders. I think BR does A LOT of that too, so this is why I prefer just weight lifting to HIIT.