Sunday, April 19, 2015

The newest stuff from Zuzka and BR.TV, a fun workout to try

How have you guys been liking Zuzka's latest workouts? She had her FREE 5 minute workout - which I mostly liked except the twisted jump tuck. I don't like anything that looks like it might be tough on the low back. I loved the side plank row leg lift exercise though. Might just have to use that one in my Core class this week.
She also had a new Jump Rope workout as well as a new yoga that included handstands! I freaking LOVE handstands! Love. love, love them.
I can understand that these must be very intimidating to someone not used to them. The best tip I can give you is to MAKE sure that you shoulders are over your wrists and your hips high. This makes it 100 times easier to kick up. Secondly, practice just being in a pike position off of a bench, couch, chair, your bed, etc for a while first so you get used to the feeling of being upside down. But it is SO child like. Fun!

I just saw this pic on Sean's FB page. Looks like the gang was having fun. But not nice of that dude flipping them the bird in the background!

I don't see much new stuff out from BR.TV other than lots of ads for their equipment as well as throw back of their older workouts. I think we have another 3 weeks til Lisa is back? I wonder what she does with all her time off?

Here is a great workout for you guys to try. It is full body.

Hip Thrusters - use a weight challenging enough for 10 reps with a 30 second iso hold on the last rep
Push ups - 10 with a 3 second pause at the bottom of the push up
Pull ups (or Inverted Rows) - as many as possible
Reverse Lunges - use a weight challenging enough for 10 reps EACH leg
Hanging Leg Raises - 8 reps (these are tough!)

Repeat those exercise 4 times though.

End with a Tabata of handstands
Then another Tabata of jump rope

Have fun!


  1. times like these i miss the zgym membership that i did end a few weeks back, handstands sounds great and off course i´m cuorios about the new workout breakdown :) but lately i get bored with her workouts, there was nothing new and it felt like the same every week, maybe one day i will get back but at the moment i´m more in to strenght training than cardio and the after burn a strenght training gives is amazing :)

    1. I am SO addicted to strength training! I was getting bored with Z's workouts too, but I do love to watch her. anyone out there want to let us know how the handstand workout was?!

  2. yeah, i do miss watching her too. it would be great to get a rewiew of her handstand workout :).