Monday, April 20, 2015

Zuzka's Newsletter, Her Weekly Eating Habits, and Latest Workout Schedule

Hi WarriorZ!

I hope you all had a good weekend!  Here is my latest newsletter with links to recap all the stuff going on with me.  I have some fun giveaways happening in the next couple weeks so stay subscribed so you can get all the details. Oh! Since a lot of people were asking about what I eat on a daily basis, starting tomorrow (Monday April 20) for 1 week I'll share pictures and updates about what I eat every day using the #ZuzkaLightDiet, so follow me on twitter, if you don't already!

I answered a lot of your health and fitness questions in my latest coffee talk video so if you haven't already watched it, you can click on the picture of it below to see it now.  It's pretty long but you guys had so many questions I wanted to answer as many as I could!  If I didn't get to your questions then leave them in the comment section of the coffee talk blog on my website and I'll try answer them all in the next video.

Have a good week and I'll see you guys in the ZGYM!
xo - Z

I got this emailed to me last night from Zuzka. I am super curious to follow her on Twitter and see what she is eating this week. I am sure it is a lot less than we think! It's funny, at 5'7" and barely 120 lbs, I can eat twice as much as this woman! No I don't have as many muscles as she does, but it is also not my body type. I do however, keep working on it. I like my body now better than at almost anytime during my life - except for my boobs. Breast Feeding ruined them, and I would love to have them fixed, but $10 grand and 6 weeks downtime? No thanks! 
There is nothing on Twitter yet from Z, but I will check later today!
Her latest workout is a bodyweight only workout. These are typically pretty good - again something I would use as a cash out. 
For those of you following her schedule this week, I am curious to know if you will beat your last benchmark workout. 

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