Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zuzka Ate A Little More Yesterday and Another Workout From Melissa Bender, When is Lisa coming back?

Zuzka ate a little more than her last couple of days, though her portion sizes were still quite small.
She had bacon and eggs, nut bread with butter, a salad, pasta with chicken and a frozen blueberry smoothie. I wonder if she had her coffee too?

That looks soooooo yummy, but I would not be full on just that. I would need a salad and some fruit with it to feel full.

BR posted another workout with Melissa Bender:

How have you guys liked these workouts? I wish they would list the exercises with the workouts like they did with HIIT Max, but they're not.

Melissa is a very strong woman. I like her! She's a straight shooter and to the point. Much more subdued than Lisa. I don't mean that in a bad way either - she just is quite different and change of pace is always good. I believe there are 5 more weeks with her, and I was expecting Lisa back before then? May is just a couple of weeks away and BR did mention HIIT Max was returning in May - right?


  1. I did Melissa´s workout yesterday and really liked it, those twisted elbow push ups were an interesting change. Also Melissa posts the workout breakdown on her own blog, so you can find the list of exercises there. I think it´s nice of her, she always acts very professional and is very "customer-oriented" :)
    The day of Zuzka´s diet you mentioned looked better, but still - that is a portion of pasta for an adult person? I almost couldn´t spot any pasta at first, but well, my contact lenses might have been losing their power :)

    1. I think because she eats so little is why she only works out intense for 20 min. Personally I'd prefer to exercise longer and eat more. But I also don't have Zuzka physics either

    2. Lena - you are too funny! CC - GREAT point. I prefer to workout longer as well.