Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More on Zuzka's Diet, Her Beginner Workout and Another One of My Posts For BR.TV

Well, Zuzka posted what she ate again yesterday. I KNOW I am picking on her - and YES she looks great and does what works for her. I just don't understand how she is not starving or how she retains her muscle mass on such a small amount of food. I would have hunger headaches all the time on her bird food!
Yesterday she has her bullet proof coffee, a smoothie, salmon with veggies and chicken soup. THAT'S IT. I could have all that by noon! LOL.

Anyways, she posted another Beginner workout and it's free. I still think it is a smart move on her part to do these workouts for free.
1. Competition Burpees x 10
2. Skaters x 20
3. Competition Burpees x 10
4. Curtsy lunge jump squat x 10 alt
5. Competition Burpees x 10
6.  High Knees (x4) to Mountain Climbers (x4) x 10 sets
I know she is building the workouts upon each other as the week progresses, but I don't think Competition Burpees is a beginners exercise. The routine looks awesome though. :)
I did this post on Elle MacPherson for BR. She is freaking 51 years old! She is so damned gorgeous! 
You know who else is 51 and drop dead gorgeous? John Stamos! This man looks better NOW than he did in his 20's, He is a freak of nature! Haha.


  1. I think we have to start somewhere with the burpees. The first time I did one I couldn't jump my feet and now I can do a lot of burpee in a row.

    I agree for her diet. It's such a small amount. I found that she lose a lot of weight since the last 2-3 months, now I understand. A soup for dinner and nothing else? I would not be able to sleep.

    1. Great progress on the burpees! And LOL - I wouldn't be able to sleep with just soup either. I'd wake up with a growling belly.

  2. I think her beginners workouts are only free for the first day she puts them out