Friday, April 24, 2015

The Latest from Zuzka on her Workouts and Diet and my Latest Post for BR.TV

Zuzka posted her FREE 5 minute workout. Have you guys enjoyed these lately? The jump tuck into rock star jump looks tough - I'm not sure I'd like that! LOL. I prefer 1 legged burpees with a push up rather than a one arm burpee. Do you guys remember when Z used to do one arm push ups on her knees with BR - WAY back in the day? She never does those anymore.
Did any of you do her benchmark workout yesterday and beat your old time? If so, do tell!

It looks like Zuzka ate more of a decent amount again yesterday:
bullet proof coffee, quinoa with apples and turkey, nut bread with apples and carrots, steak salad, and chicken soup. She does still eat WAY too little for me, but as someone mentioned in the comments - she probably is not as hungry as her workouts are SHORT. I prefer longer workouts and lift far heavier weights, so I require more food. She hasn't finished tweeting about everything she has eaten today yet. Her portion sizes are also small - but then where I live everything is so out of proportion with food, sometimes it is hard to tell.

My latest post for BR was about tattoos. I had found an awesome article on older folks with tats and piercings. It is pretty neat - even if I am NOT a tattoo person at all. I still found it interesting:

I am NOT a fan of these shorts - they look like they are made out of a trash bag! But Z herself looks fantastic of course.

I also think Lisa looks fabulous here:

How are all of you doing with your own diets?


  1. Those shorts looks like something from one of those "Shake-ya-booty-yeah-yeah" music video clips (well, you know what type of music I mean) :) I wonder wheter Zuzka actually likes to exercise. It really seems like she works out just to get it done and then eats little, so she stays lean. I love working out, so I prefer to do longer workouts and then I just eat all day long :)
    Lisa looks great as usual, I think her body keeps on looking better and better.

  2. Do you know when the next BR challenge will start? They did not announce anything yet. Those days they are just posting about overweight, I'm kind of tired of that