Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Recap on Zuzk'a Diet, A Before and After Photo of Lisa-Marie, A FOOD Post for BR.TV

Zuzka posted her week of food on her web-site. I think I could eat in 2 days what she eats all week long - lol. She does eat a diet VERY high in fat, VERY little starchy carbs and pretty low calorie. I am to assume she doesn't have a large appetite. Unless she is simply good at being hungry ALL the time. My mom is like that. She loves food, but doesn't have a large appetite and I tease her that she eats like a bird.
This was a salad she had as her dinner - I would be SO damn hungry just eating this for dinner!

Did you guys see the before and after of Lisa on BR's FB page? Lisa looked damn good before BR! But I do prefer her look now with the more muscle. What do you guys think? She is blessed that's for sure.

Here is a really interesting post I did for BR.TV.
Check it out:

Want more info on how to eat healthy, that’s simple and easy to follow?
What does a serving of fruit look like?
Want a 5 minute healthy dinner?
What is and isn’t Paleo?
Simple and easy smoothies?
How to cook grains?
What about vegetarian proteins, baking info, how to store your groceries and more!
It’s all here in easy to read diagrams. Print them out and put on your fridge, your recipe books, on your cabinets, etc.

Happy Sunday everyone. I am taking a rest day. :) 


  1. By most people's standards, she looked great in the 'before'. From a person who is more critical about fitness, there is a definite improvement in the second. I would say she was skinny-fat in the first pic. My main reasoning behind this is that she has breasts that look similar in size to her current implants. Before these implants, when her body was like the second pic, she was very flat chested. She clearly lost body fat overall, which meant her breasts also left :P

    My personal preference is a body more like Zuzana's. I just like more muscular overall. I find Lisa Marie a bit on the thin side...and I don't mean by having too low of body fat. I mean more like she doesn't have much size in terms of muscle. Aside from her abs, there isn't lots for muscle. Of course if she is lifting weights and a pic is taken, she looks more muscular....but everyone does. Whereas Zuzana looks more muscular just standing there.

    1. Yes, I agree Zuzka looks more muscular overall. I love her arms. I love Lisa's legs though - looooong and lean. I'd take either of their abs! :)

  2. What scares me the most is that there´s now a bunch of women commenting on Zuzka´s post in this way: "Oh, now I see I eat too much! I need to eat as little as you!" So hooray, welcome eating disorders!
    I think Lisa used to be pretty and skinny and now she is pretty and fit. I like the second option much more :)

    1. I know Lena - it's CRAZY. I prefer Lisa with the muscle too!

  3. Actualy when Lisa first came in BR was more muscular than now, check her first videos. I think this before picture is older. Now Lisa has less muscles than her first videos on BR. Any way she looks good :)

    1. Rumi - I agree. Lisa was WAY more muscular than that before photo when she joined BR. That must be an older photo probably pre-exercise in general.