Monday, April 6, 2015

The Latest From Zuzka!

Zuzka has a lot going on her site right now.

Her latest schedule is up, and this week's schedule has 2 workouts per day. She's done this before and recommends you do them at different times during the day. I know she says in order to be able to give 100% you cab't do it for too long, so she recommends breaking up the workouts. I would rather do one longer workout. Each workout you don't NEED to give 100% effort - that is a sure fire way to burn out. I'm not saying you can't go full out once or twice a week, BUT  typically you should have one or two reps left in you - not going to failure each and every time.

Monday – Body Crush #17 (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Kettlebell Workout for All Levels #8
Tuesday – Cardio Shred #5 (beat your personal best)
Your second workout can be Power Yoga #2
Wednesday – Beginner Cardio #5 (new in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Guns & Pistols #1
Thursday  – Body Crush #4 (beat your personal best)
Your second workout can be 5 minute workout #1 and 5 minute workout #2
Friday –   5 minute workout #29 (new in Workouts)
Your second workout can be JRC #4
Saturday – Kettlebell Workout #7 X (New in ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Cardio Shred #1
Sunday – Power Yoga #3 (ZGYM)
Your second workout can be Body Crush #2

Zuzka's BodyCrush #17 is a new abs workout:
Workout Breakdown
3. Pendulum (x5) to Pike Jump to Jump Tuck x 10
Ab Bonus
3. Hollow Scissors x 20
4. Side to side plank jumps (legs extended) x 20
2 rounds
Not a big fan of the scorpio push ups - seems hard on the low back twisting it like that? But the rest of the workout looks pretty intense. A good ab routine in general, but again, I always need more! 
Zuzka has a blog post about cellulite you might be interested in reading:
She also did another post about Birkenstocks. She reposted this pic and made this comment herself

These are Jesse’s new Birkenstocks. I wonder why have been people on Instagram telling me that I’m a lucky lady…
I had made a similiar comment and a few of you were NOT pleased. Well Zuzka went ahead and did it too!

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