Thursday, April 9, 2015

Zuzka's Beginner workout, Melissa Bender's Latest Workout

Zuzka posted another one of her beginner workouts. What did you guys think? I thought it was OK. Still jumping in there - but at a slower pace. She also does regular lunges and curtsy lunges.
I've worked with raw beginners before and teaching them lunges is a b*tch. It often times takes several sessions. Curtsy lunges are even harder to teach!
I sometimes think that Zuzka should actually train a raw beginner before putting these routines together! I would say these routines are for people who might be new to strength training, but not exercise in general.

BR posted their latest workout with Melissa Bender:
I liked it, Did you guys?
It is amazing to me how much she sweats in 12 minutes!

BR FB page has been posting like crazy lately with tons of interesting stories, but they have taken such a long break from regular workouts. I think in about another month we will have new ones with Lisa.
There have been promos with Lisa and I LOVE the ones with Sean. He looks hot! LOL.

Oh - and Zuzka posted another recipe. I am liking the looks of this one, Typically hers are too caloric and high in fat for me.

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  1. So far, I really enjoy Mellissa's workouts. It looks like BR is turning more like a fitness blog than a real workout's site. They post everything from trowback workout to photo workouts and we never know when the workouts will be posted. They should do a schedule.