Friday, April 3, 2015

Zuzka's Free Workouts, BR.TV Beat Their Personal Best, More from Melissa, Lisa & Sean Are Coming Back Soon, More of My Posts for BR.TV

Zuzka has her latest beginner and 5 minute workouts available - and these are her free ones.

Her beginner one still had some jumping in it, but it was more low key. I wish she would do a beginner one that had NO jumping in it at all. I would love to see how she would put a routine together like that.
Her 5 minute workout was a bit weird - IMO. She had taken a trip to Sandbox Fitness so this was not one of her usual workouts. It was done with other people, led by someone else, and done in the sand. Looks like some pretty tough moves though. something I would love to try at the beach some day.
What did you guys think?

I saw on Freddy's FB page that BR.TV beat their own personal best - 17.5 million reached. WOW and way to go! This is surprising in one way since they are not running any new regular workout content - most of it is throw backs and they are having once a weekers with Chris, Deanna or Melissa. BUT I have noticed that BR's home FB page has had A LOT more sexual content on it these days so that is probably bringing in more viewers.

Melissa Bender is back with another workout - I watched it today as part of my BR Plus. It looks like a GREAT workout actually. One of my favorites in a while. Full body. Again I personally need more than 12 minutes, but I liked the routine. Some great ab and leg exercises in it.
What a great pic of Melissa. I see these labels on their videos of Frederick Blaney. Huh?

I saw a post that Sean is coming back. I've mentioned before that I am looking forward to watching a male workout. I wish they would do some videos with their blogger Karim instead of just pics. He looks fantastic!
There were also some cool pics of Lisa while filming the next series of workouts. Looks like there is a new kind of sandbag? But if so, I haven't seen any ads for it.

Lisa also asked on her FB page what challenges people liked the best. I see lots of RTC. That seems to be their most popular to date closely followed by HIIT Max.

Here are some of my latest posts for BR!

Happy Reading!


  1. Where are the free beginners workouts? I don't see them on YouTube

    1. I SWORE Zuzka mentioned the ones for newbies were going to be free, but apparently not! My bad

  2. I went to her blog and it is free there. It's not been posted on YouTube. I don't go to her website very often since I'm not a member

  3. The lastest one was, at least, not sure about the others