Friday, March 20, 2015

Zuzka's Coffee Talk Details, Her 5 Minute Workout, BR.TV Posts

Ok, so Lexxie (thank you!)  pointed out to me that I did not comment on Zuzka's coffee talk, and I had forgotten to go back and listen to it.
I listened to it today. I have a few thoughts on it. Zuzka is offering TWO free workouts a week now - a beginner one on Wed's and the 5 min one on Fridays.
I think that is a great idea. The beginner one is to entice people to sign up for her ZGym. I wonder if it is working. She did A LOT of verbal advertising to join her ZGym.
She also talked about her own supplement line and her own clothing line. Not sure what to think about that. I'd have to see the ingredients on her supplement products to know if they were any good. A protein powder might not be a bad idea. I know Emily Skye came out with her own too.
A way for Zuzka to make more money I suppose. It is an overly saturated market full of supplements that DON'T work, so this is interesting. I'm not sure how much money she could make off of it just from ZGym members. The word would have to really get out - which I guess would also turn people onto her ZGym.
Sounds like a money making plan to me. :)
She is going to make her own clothing line? BR hasn't had much luck with this either, so not sure that Zuzka will. What do you guys think?
I think T-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts with the BR logo or Z's logo would do better than a full clothing line? But I could be wrong.

Zuzka also talked about not giving up, believing in yourself, etc,etc. All great advice of course, though to be honest I'm not sure how much I believed her. She mentioned that 3 years ago she lost her company, had no money and was in LA all by herself. Really? No money at all? She certainly had the fame to make money in a pinch. Most people who lose everything don't have her connections.
Wasn't she with Jesse BEFORE leaving BR? Or am I wrong on that too. I don't think she was all alone. I just didn't think this part of her coffee talk was genuine. But it's just my opinion. Her advice was sound. You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself - you gotta pick yourself up and move on and make things happen.

Z's FREE 5 minute workout was posted today too. Loved this one - great to use as a cash out!
Workout Breakdown
1. High Knees
2. Cork Screw
3. High Knees
4. Pistols alt.
5. High Knees
6. Side Burpee / Plank Lift (x2)
40 sec on / 10 sec off
Go for maximum reps during each 40 second interval.

Here are a couple more posts from me. I've got some more coming out today, so keep a look out. :)


  1. Her own supplement line is a great money making idea, because people want a miracle to get in shape. I have this experience and if I believe in supplement I would go for my own line too. BUT supllements doesn't work. Even protein powder. I am on low protein diet, no supplements at all and I increased my strength since I stop supplements (3-4 years ago). Clothing line is a good idea only if you have really big followers, like millions. Privite fitness club, supplements, clothes this is a logical path for a famous trainer. I don't think Z is honest about the way she works out, eat, injueries, personal life. The thing I like about Z is how she looks, her smile, but she is not a good trainer. Besides of intersting exercises there is a lot more for creating a good, balanced work out. I know many people who tried her work outs and after a year they need more to progress. Z style is eat less, and work out just to maintain the shape - anythig in the fame of how she looks which in my opinion is not functional. It is not real life.

    1. Very interesting point of view Rumi! Thanks for sharing.