Thursday, March 19, 2015

More from Lisa - Push-ups AGAIN! The Top 15 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight From a Low Carb Diet - my post for BR.TV

Lisa shared a small video clip of her training for the next 30 day challenge. Though  from what I understand her back is really bothering her and she is taking a break from filming. She mentioned that it has been bothering her since her long flight.
This happened to me before on my return trip from Hawaii (about an 11 hour flight). My back was a mess for about 3 weeks. It hurt like hell and I got some pretty major muscle spasms. After about 3-4 weeks they finally subsided. I feel for her because back pain SUCKS.

Well of course the video showed Lisa doing her infamous elevated push-ups. As much as I've grown to like Lisa I wish she would change her form on her push-ups. It makes me a little crazy!

Can you see the differences here? Look at Lisa's gaze vs. Melissa. Look at the positioning of their necks. Look at the wrinkled skin between Lisa's shoulder blades - due to the poor positioning of her neck.
Look at the differences in the flare of their elbows, as well as how close Melissa's chest is to the floor vs. Lisa's. I know Lisa is doing them elevated, but perhaps she shouldn't.
These are just my observations however.

Here is another one of my posts for BR.TV. Enjoy the read!

It's funny - I posted the one from yesterday on my personal FB page :

And I had a few people ask me if the pic on the post was of ME. Ummm. NO! Maybe me with booty and breast implants, but glad to know people thought it could be me. Lol.

I'm not one to really post pics of me ANYWHERE actually, but here is one of me and my sister.

Hmmm..... must be the dark hair that had people confused. :) 


  1. great reads really interesting about carbs! you and ur sister are stunning :-) I don't think my form is to hot when I do push ups so I reckon I should do beginner variation until I have proper form :-)

    1. Tx Rachael! Try taking a video yourself doing push ups so you can get an idea off what you look like.